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Top 5 Best Anti Virus Computer Security Software for Windows/Mac

Updated on January 29, 2015

With tons of websites/spammers and cyber criminals hitting the internet every day, access to any information, computer or any other internet related data has become much easier. Many malwares or files get uploaded and processed all the time on various websites that may harm your computer, merely by visiting them. And, these include all kinds of computer viruses, worms, Trojan horses and much more.

Basically, these programs or files collect information about a computer without user's permission. The user may not know anything about these attacks, and all the confidential information gets stolen from his computer by cyber criminals, who use this information for their own personal benefits. The extent of this infiltration may vary from program to program, but can cause serious threat to the person's security, privacy and confidential information.

Even though we have all kinds of antivirus software, now available in the market - all of them claiming to be best in what they give, we surely can not depend on the claims just like that, especially when the security of our information is at stake. So, here is a list of some of the top most popular and best anti virus software programs available online. Check the list below:

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Buy Norton Internet Security Antivirus Software online

1) Norton Internet Security:

The software is compatible to run on Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows XP. Some of the best features include the following:

-  Allows you to surf, shop, and take benefits of online banking safely with its fast and light threat protection.

-  Enables you to chat, surf the web and send emails without bothering about the cyber criminals trying to infiltrate your activities.

- Claims to deliver the industry's fastest security suite to protect your computer and web access from online dangers without compromising with the performance.

- Safeguards your information and data against the online identity theft, so that you can confidently shop, bank and visit social networks without worrying about the possible malware damages.

- Gets updated automatically, and allows user friendly interface along with easy-to-use features. Also includes free customer support all along your subscription period.

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2) Kaspersky Internet Security:

This software is also compatible with Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows XP. Some of the best features include the following:

- Provides necessary anti-virus protection with latest and sophisticated features such as a best-in-class firewall, anti-spam, and much more.

- Provides hourly signature updates, best-in-class unknown threat protection, and application alerts to help you perform your activities with full confidence.

- Offers safe Desktop features to enable you to open any suspicious application, file, email or web site in safe manner.

- Also provides improved parental controls to restrict or determine the activities and communications

- Offers small footprint, tiny updates and intelligent scanning to optimize your machine's performance while working on safeguarding everything effectively.

Buy Kaspersky Internet Security Anti virus Software online

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3) Norton 360:

Another antivirus software from Norton topping the list is Norton 360, compatible to run on Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows XP. Some of the best features include the following:

- Provides the industry's most comprehensive, all-in-one protection against digital dangers.

- Safeguards your computer and web activities against online threats and identity theft. Provides a facility to take automatic backs up of important files.

- Its complex algorithms work efficiently in optimizing the CPU usage and enables to keep your PC running at its maximum performance.

- Actively keeps updating you about any dangerous downloads before you install or run them on your PC.

4) Norton Antivirus for Mac:

This particular anti virus has received five star rating from its consumers. The software runs on MAC. Some of the best features of this software include the following:

- Automatically detecting and removing any possible viruses and worms.

- Providing automatic protection against the latest threats with convenience of setting once and forgetting about it.

- Works efficiently in scanning and cleaning all the downloaded files and email attachments, of any possible malwares.

- Delivers uninterrupted and latest protection via fast updates.

- Safeguards against the attacks focused on software exposures.

- Offers advanced protection against software and Internet exposures.

Buy VirusBarrier X6 Antivirus for MAC online

5) VirusBarrier X6:

This product is another top rated product by the MAC users for computer security. The product claims to be a few steps ahead than just being an antivirus. Some of the most prominent features of this software are as follows:

- Provides a comprehensive security from malware and network threats.

- Claims to be the only antivirus program for Mac that comes with complete anti-malware protection together with firewall, network protection, anti-phishing, anti-spyware features and much more.

Since viruses, worms, Trojan horses and other kinds of malware are an invariant menace to computers of all kinds, cyber-criminals have started working on new techniques to taint and get hold of your Mac. These new threats aren't much known, over the Internet. In lots of cases, simply visiting a booby-trapped web page can raise security alarms for your computer.

Hence, these advanced and sophisticated antivirus softwares are a must to protect your computer against the current and evolving dangers of the internet.


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    • Brett.Tesol profile image

      Brett Caulton 6 years ago from Thailand

      Mac has always had viruses, just far far less than Windows. It is still far safer, but the number of viruses will slowly grow.

      I have to agree with the comment about Norton ... to some degree (although this may have been improved since I used it), Norton Anti-virus was almost impossible to uninstall - I seem to remember having to completely restore Windows from a backup before Norton.

      Do you know of any GOOD anti-viruses for Linux? How about free Anti-virus programs? ... do you rank any of them as being as good as the paid for versions?

    • charlemont profile image

      charlemont 6 years ago from Lithuania

      So virus makers consider expanding their evil deeds on to MAC platform? That will show how exactly safe MAC is, but of course most attacks still will be targeted at Windows-based computers.

    • calicoaster profile image

      calicoaster 6 years ago

      Thanks for your opinion reidrichardson. I hope it helps!!

    • reidrichardson profile image

      reidrichardson 6 years ago from St. Pete Beach

      IMO, Norton is just as bad as a virus. It has an awkward user interface and when you want to get rid of it to change virus protection subscribers the uninstall doesn't work and you end up doing a Google search of complex procedures on how to remove it from your system. Go with someone more like #2 or BitDefender or TrendMicro