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Top 5 Best Reasons For Using VPN Services When Connecting To Internet

Updated on April 21, 2013

Internet is an important tool when it comes to data communication and every individual or organization that wishes to communicate will certainly find internet very useful. The benefits of using internet as a communication tool surpass expectations in terms of performance, cost, convenience and other merits.

While this is the good side of internet, the other perspective is that any data transmitted over the internet is prone to security breaches and interception. Today’s online businesses deal with critical and highly sensitive data some of which can be confidential to organizations or clients. There is need to safeguard this data as it moves from one location to another over public networks such as internet.


Internet communication today is never secure without the use of Virtual Private Network (VPN) services. In fact, individuals and organizations rely heavily on VPNs to route data securely over the internet and other public networks.

Basically, a VPN is a virtually configured tunnel where data can be transmitted from source to destination without being exposed to eavesdroppers or prying eyes on public networks.

The VPN technology uses security and routing protocols to encrypt and route data securely between the communicating devices over the network. If you would like to send critical information over the internet and yet maintain high data security, here are top five reasons why you should use VPN services.

Use VPN services when accessing internet


Reasons For Using VPN Services With Internet

1. Confidentiality

Online business transactions such as money transactions have become critical and need more specialized technologies for managed security. Network hacking, eavesdropping or passwords breaches can lead to loss of privacy or confidentiality resulting to huge losses. You can evade such losses when you use VPN services to send encrypted data over unsecured networks such as the internet.

2. Data Security

All VPN services provide some form of data encryption and decryption to make data secure on public networks. Communicating devices have to authenticate each other before data can be transmitted. Virtual Private Networks provide secure protocols such as point-to-point tunneling protocols to make sure that data is protected from interceptors or intruders on the network.

How VPN Works To Provide Internet Security

Popular web browsers
Popular web browsers | Source

3. Cost

The cost of losing confidentiality and integrity of data on the network can be huge and in some cases irreversible. VPNs can greatly reduce risks involved in data transmission and therefore reduce costs that can be accrued with loss of data on transit.

On cost of VPN services, a lot of premium VPN providers have affordable packages which include added value benefits such as network surveillance and monitoring. Subscription for VPN services can run monthly or yearly and some VPN providers even offer free VPN trial of the service before you commit.

Access web with ultimate security through VPNs
Access web with ultimate security through VPNs | Source

4. Privacy/Anonymity

Using VPN services from reliable and trusted VPN service providers such as Net Ignition can enable you to bypass internet censoring filters and access blocked internet services especially in countries where internet is restricted such as in China or UAE.

With such VPN services, you will be able to access geo-restricted online TV services such as Hulu, BBC iPlayer, Fox and many others. Since your IP address is hidden, you can access office restricted services such Skype, Facebook, Twitter or YouTube anonymously and privately.

5. Scalability

While some organizations may experience steady growth, others may undergo through erratic changes in growth that necessitate dynamic bandwidth allocation.

Such organizations may benefit more from the use of VPNs through provision of bandwidth on demand. Rate limiting and other bandwidth management parameters can also be used to cater for situations where there is need to dedicate bandwidth for mission critical transactions or applications.


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