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Top 4 Online E-mail Clients

Updated on March 15, 2010

What E-mail Client Do You Currently Use?

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Why Online E-mail Clients?

Why would you choose to use an E-mail account that is not on your computer itself? Well there are many reasons.

1. Accessibility

2. Speed

3. Reliability

4. Simplicity

5. Better updates and Security

6. Completly FREE!

There are many more reasons, these are just a few. Each person has their own reasons for why as well as which browser E-mail account they choose to use.

The Candidates

 I am not trying to persuade you to choose a particular Client or E-mail account provider, I plan on giving you all the information about each. It will be totally unbiased to each. I have placed Google Gmail, Yahoo, MNS Hotmail and AOL here for your information. I will add more as I complete my research.

I strongly encourage you use an online browser based E-mail provider. They are by far superior!

Google Gmail

'A Google approach to email.

Gmail is built on the idea that email can be more intuitive, efficient, and useful. And maybe even fun. After all, Gmail has:

Less spam
Keep unwanted messages out of your inbox with Google's innovative technology.

Mobile access
Read Gmail on your mobile phone by pointing your phone's web browser to Learn more

Lots of space
Over 7433.659068 megabytes (and counting) of free storage.'

This is how Gmail describes itself to us. There are other things to take into account however.

1. Google Gmail is the online E-mail client that updates the most, they are constantly updating their blog as well as adding new themes and new features all the time. You can find the Gmail blog here for all the updates.

2. They are the most secure E-mail client around, if you look at all the programs Google runs like Adsense and the search engine you see it is no game. They take security and quality very seriously. You won't easily find yourself getting a virus that is Googles fault!

3. 99.9% uptime, need more be said?

4. Complete mobile integration, that is always nice, not many clients have done this effectively.

5. Ever upgrading storage space. It is hard to fill a Gmail e-mail account to maximum. However for companies they offer some of the cheapest E-mail accounts available.

MSN Hotmail

'Powerful Microsoft technology helps fight spam and improve security.

Get all your E-mail accounts, calendars and contacts in one place, even if you use other E-mail services.

New! Chat from your inbox, see what's new with friends, and get 5GB storage that grows when you need it.'

That's what MSN Hotmail has to say about itself. Let's look at what they really offer.

1. Microsoft does have strong security but Hotmail is one of hte most common ways to get a computer virus or spyware. They do however have the best spam filter if you have it set properly. It will block all unwanted E-mails but sometimes it blocks wanted ones as well but it allows you to easily remove E-mails you want from the blacklist.

2. It gives you slightly less space then Gmail does to start but it also upgrades constantly once you reach that limit, 5GB is a lot of E-mails and it will continue to grow if you actually reach the limit.

3. Hotmail is good for social application, it is not recommended for business or profesionals but it works great for students and for social purposes. It integrates well with Facebook, the social networking site.

4. MSN Instant Messenger intergration. This is the nicest feature of Hotmail, although Yahoo and Gmail have followed suite the credit goes to Hotmail and MSN IM is still the best which you automatically get a hotmail account for using.



'Unlimited storage for all your mail needs

Anti-spam and anti-virus built in

Easily share and store photos directly with AOL Pictures

Send IMs with our integrated AIM application

New! Transfer your old emails in your AOL Email account'

Here is what is really up,

1. Unlimited storage, probably the biggest plus of using AOL E-mail accounts.

2. Integrated with AIM, not nearly as good as MSN Messenger, but they tried.

3. The best tech support, if you have issues you can call them and they will walk you through it, all other browser E-mail clients require you to use an online chat or another E-mail to get their help.

4. It is free, it also has free security features, spam blockers however are reported as less then excellent.

5. AOL has been known in the past to cause problems with billing and/or charging for services and doing a poor job of it at that!


'KEEP UP WITH PEOPLE YOU CARE ABOUT See emails and updates from friends and family first.

SHARE MORE PHOTOS THAN EVER BEFORE Attach more photos and send larger files.

GET STUFF DONE, RIGHT FROM YOUR INBOX New apps let you connect and share — easily — from your Inbox.

TAKE YOUR MAIL WITH YOU — ANYTIME, ANYWHERE Easier than ever to get emails on your phone. Now you don't have to go to other sites for things like sending money or file sharing. Add these apps and get more done with less work.'

Now, as I looked around Yahoo! to get more insight then just my own, I couldn't find the amount of storage provided easily. I am guessing it is somehow limited. Here are some findings for Yahoo!

1. Way too many pictures, apps and generally trying to distract you from what is actually happening. They don't seem to have a strong focus on the E-mail client itself, more with trying to trick you into using it with fancy pictures and apps...not a good quality to have.

2. I did manage to find out Yahoo! has unlimited storage.

3. highly effective spam blocker that catches anything you could ever dream of.

4. Integrated to many online sites that you can use from your inbox instead of opening multiple tabs, it may come in useful.

5. Keyboard shortcuts, those are ALWAYS nice, they get a kudos on that count.

6. Other then Google the only E-mail account platform to properly integrate mobile options!

The Reasons Behind the List.

 I have only selected four (4) Browser E-mail clients for a reason. I only know a lot about four. I have considered adding Thunderbird as well as a couple others later on. If you would like to see Thunderbird or another browser E-mail account program displayed feel free to ask or submit your thoughts on it in a similar format that mine are layed out.

I do not mean to leave some out due to quality etc. Simply I do not want to misrepresent them. I am trying to give a clear and concise outline of each browser, comments and help are appreciated.


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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      More 'waste of bandwidth' review page. If you are going to write about email, tell people something they don't already know and that hasn't been written about 1000 times already.

    • askjanbrass profile image


      8 years ago from St. Louis, MO

      I think that GMail is the best, personally. The others are good, but there are many aspects and features of GMail that give it an edge. Primarily, the GMail system of labeling is much better than organizing e-mail into folders (though this can take some time to get used to!) Also, they have one of the best and fastest e-mail searches.


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