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Top 5 Paper Shredders

Updated on February 23, 2011

I was never that bothered about shredding before i met my wife but she pointed out a programme on television to me and i watched it and to my horror realised how easy it was for people to take your identity and land you in some real big trouble,so it was with that that we got a paper shredder,now i only felt the need to shred important documents from say the bank for example but my wife shreds anything with our name and address on too,which is a good thing i suppose.There are quite a few paper shredders out there and i personally have a fellowes paper shredder which is one of the best but im going to look at the top 5 to save you people doing that and then list them for you,not in an order just the top 5 paper shredders on the market today.

1: Fellowes 32177 Powershred

This is from one of the best shredder manufacturers and also happens to be pretty much one of the best shredders on the market at the moment,now i realise that if you are simply looking for something to shred your home documents then this may be a little excessive but if you shred at least a couple of times a day then this baby is a must,it can handle up to 12 sheets of paper at any one time and has a huge collection basket of up to 7 gallons which is a hell of a lot of paper.So confident are Fellowes of this shredder that it comes with a 5 year manufactures warranty,now that is confidence in your product,Best of all like my shredder at home it has a clear waste basket so you can see when it is full.

2: Fellowes Powershred W-11C

Now i understand that not everyone is going to go out and spend hundreds of dollars on a shredder so to keep to a low price but still go for the top brand then Fellowes have released this little gem the power-shred W-11C,this is the same sort of size and weight as the above daddy of shredders but is four times less money,it is mainly designed for light shredding in the home more than the high shredding at the workplace and does it with ease,having the ability to shred 11 sheets at one time and able to handle staples and small paperclips and coming with a 3 year manufacturers warranty as standard this machine is one not to be missed.

3: Aurora 31215-12 shredder

I know hardly an inspiring name eh! but this shredder is an alternative to the top branded Fellowes,it has swivel Castor wheels which i haven't seen on a shredder before and is a really good idea for when you want to empty the waste basket you simply wheel the shredder to your bin,this shredder is a 12 sheet shredder and has a thermal overload protection,which simply put means that when it overheats from too much shredding it simply shuts down for half hour or so to allow itself to cool.The other good feature is this machine is incredibly quite meaning it can be used at all times in the home.

4: Fellowes Powershred Ms 450 ci

This great shredder from the best that is Fellowes is apparently claimed to be jam proof and offers virtually silent shredding which is handy in the workplace,although the sheets it can handle at one time is only 7 compared to a lot of shredders that handle 12 perhaps it is this that stops it jamming,although that is a great feature because every shredder i have owned has jammed at one point or another so that is a seller for me.This machine also cuts the paper into pieces that are ten times smaller than previous models which means it is ultra safe to shred those all important documents that you wouldn't want anyone getting their hands on.

Papermate 12 Sheet

As you can see from the title this shredder can cut through 12 sheets at one time and is from the manufacture paper-mate,more commonly known for making pens they seem to be just as good at making shredders,This version has a huge 8.5 gallon waste basket which is the biggest of all these that i have reviewed and has the Castor's for ease of movement which is another feature i love.It has the now standard feature of thermal protection and a safety switch for when the waste basket is removed,a brilliant alternative to the others listed here.

You could also look on eBay as there are plenty of shredders on there at low prices and this offers you the choice to go for something a little better without having to pay the huge prices that accompany them.


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    • profile image

      lukeyboy112233 7 years ago

      i got one aswell they come in handy when ur details r on it and u dont want people to have em also it saves ur chucking loads of paper in da bin and cloggin it up

    • profile image

      Jeff_McRitchie 7 years ago

      This is an informative Hub about paper shredders. I really enjoyed reading it!

    • warchild75 profile image

      lee 7 years ago from Lancing, West Sussex, England

      @evvy yeah i just brought a new one,wifes obsessed with shredding everything,prob for the best thou!

    • evvy_09 profile image

      evvy_09 7 years ago from Athens, AL

      Using a paper shredder is fun to me for some reason. I try not to use it too much though.