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Top 5 Tools to Find and Delete Duplicate Photos on Windows

Updated on December 7, 2016

Windows platform is known for their easy and user-friendly features. In fact, it is widely used platform around the world. With recent Windows 10, version windows systems are more effective than ever. It offers you most advanced features and functions. Despite having lot of good features and functions windows systems also face certain performance related issues. These issues occur due to various reasons and one amongst the reasons is piled up duplicate files on it. Duplicate photo files occupy a big chunk of storage space on the hard disk which makes the system slow and creates other performance related issues. To deal with the situation you can use various duplicate photo finder tools to find and delete duplicate photo files from the system.

Let’s discuss top 5 tools to find and delete duplicate photos on Windows.

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro: This amazing tool is a powerful and user-friendly duplicate image removal utility. This tool helps you to scan, find and delete the duplicate photos from your system to recover some precious storage space. This tool eliminates the need to sift through hundreds and thousands of pictures in search of duplicate photos. All you need to do is to launch the tool to identify the photos and folders of your choice to scan and find duplicate photos in it. Once you find the duplicate photos on your system all you require is to press the delete button. This tool helps you to get rid of duplicate and similar looking photos instantly to release chunks of valuable disk space. It not only releases disk space but it saves time and enhances system performance as well.


VisiPics: It uses Hyperthreading or Multi-processors systems to detect duplicate photos on your system. It applies five image comparison filters to measure how close pairs of images are. It will detect two different resolution files of the same images as a duplicate, or images with minor cosmetic changes, or same pictures saved in different formats. All duplicates are shown with pertinent information like file name, type and size displayed. It displays highly efficient results. It is an easy-to-use tool to delete duplicate photos.

Duplicate Photo Cleaner: Duplicate Photo Cleaner is an effective tool to find and delete duplicate photos from your system instantly. It scans images for similarities to find duplicate photos. It scans images with the same subject, edited images and resized pictures. It supports all popular image formats like PNG, JPG, GIF, TIFF, RAW etc. To find similar images on your system all you need to do is to drag some folder to the scan area and launch the scan. It will display all duplicate photos on your system instantly. Review the scan results and choose the photos you want to remove.

SimilarImages: This free tool is designed to find similar photos on your hard disk. This tool uses quick Graphics Library to check the images for compositional similarities. Based on results this tool computes comparison values on a file-to-file basis. If the comparison value is lower than the file will be considered to be similar and will be displayed in results. This tool supports a variety of image formats and searches for duplicate photos using the Normal, Inclusive and Exclusive search modes. It also has a feature to process new files by a certain date.

DoubleKiller: You can use this tool to kill your duplicate photo files on the system instantly. As the name suggests, it scans the system for duplicates on it and removes them from it. This tool searches for all file types with any combination of name, content, modification date or size. You can use various searches and filter results using different attributes like file size range or files with certain properties like “hidden”, “read only” etc. You can delete files manually or automatically based on search results.

You can use these amazing tools to find and delete duplicate photos from your system instantly. This way you not only release a lot of disk space but it will help you to improve your system performance considerably. These tools can remove duplicate photo files instantly to save your time and efforts. These tools come with different features and services you can select one as per your requirement.


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