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Top 5 iPhone RPG Games

Updated on March 30, 2011

iPhone RPG games bring a new step of evolution to the RPG games world.  With the technology and utility of the iPhone, new advances have been made in iPohne RPG games which were previously impossible.

Introduction to the Top 5 iPhone RPG Games

I have developed a real love for RPG games over the years, and while I never really adopted role-playing in itself, I do love to explore fantasy worlds, and universes. Over the last decade I have seen RPG Games explode in graphical terms and overall complexity, and yet one of the biggest leaps I have seen is that in the iPhone market. While many iPhone RPG games are simplistic to say the least, there are new breeds of iPhone RPG's and even iPhone MMORPG games which bring some amazing things to the table!

iPhone RPG Games
iPhone RPG Games

The Best iPhone RPG Games

There are litterally hundreds of iPhone RPG games available on the app store, some are free, some are great, and some are attrocious, but here today I will be giving you the top 5 best iPhone RPG games to help you find the perfect iPhone RPG for you!

To decode the best iPhone RPG games from the worst, I will be using my own personal opinion, this is based on a wide range of factors, but includes, playability, innovation, and involvement!

These three major factors can vastly change just how good a game really is.

Best iPhone RPG Game
Best iPhone RPG Game

5) Dungeon Hunter

Dungeon Hunter may feel like a slight ripp off of Blizzard's Diablo, but it is definitely a fantastic game in it's own right. While Dungeon Hunter doesn't have much of an involving storyline, it's gameplay is a whole lot of fun.

You will have to fight your way through hordes of monsters as you search for loot and gear upgrades to make your character ever stronger. This simplistic gameplay is not too innovative, but it really is incredibly entertaining if you are looking for a simple iPhone RPG to play!

4) Final Fantasy 3

Final Fantasy 3 has been re-released on the iPhone, and it brings the fantastic RPG gameplay  back from the 1990's and in to the 21st century. While Final Fantasy 3 is an amazing game, and a brilliant addition to any iPhone game library, it is nothing new, and even worse, they are trying to charge $15. This is very expensive for an iPhone game, doubly so considering this game is over two decades old!

3) Illusia iPhone RPG

Illusia brings the fun back in to iPhone RPG genre. Designed particularly for casual iPhone RPG players, illusia helps create an easy game to slip in and out of, while still being immersing enough to keep you coming back for more.

Illusia has fun and simple cartoony graphics, multiple game modes, and a great storyline for casual gamers. The story line itself is well crafted, making it immersing, but not so complicated that you will forget what is happening of you put the game down for a day or two.

2) Across Age

Across Age is a fantastic deep iPhone RPG game with intricate puzzles, and some inventive new gameplay techniques which help keep the game fresh and entertaining. The top down view of Across Age seems pretty simplistic, but with plenty of control options and the ability to send the two different characters on two different paths to complete the various puzzles.

While some people may find the controls of Across Age a little difficult to begin with, once you have mastered the simple basics you will find it hard to put this well built iPhone RPG down.

1) Traveller-AR

Traveller-AR might not be out yet, with only limited Beta tests available, but it is definitely a hot game to look out for. Traveller-AR mixes augmented reality, location awareness, and a huge 40,000 star system to explore in to one brilliant game iPhone MMORPG.

Traveller-AR is one of the first MMO games to appear on the iPhone RPG market, and it has been well crafted to incorporate a full MMO experience in to a simple iPhone space RPG.

The augmented reality in Traveller-AR brings the MMO iPhone RPG genre to the real world. You can look out over your own world and see real spacecraft and alien planets over the sky above you.


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    • Sharon Douglas profile image

      Sharon Douglas 

      7 years ago from GA, United States

      Thanks for sharing,will check out.

      Vote up and useful


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