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Top 5 iPod Docks & Sound Systems

Updated on February 2, 2008

Apple iPod

The Apple iPod is an innovative way to listen and store music. With high quality sound on the go, you may be interested in a stationary or portable speaker system that will not only charge your iPod in the dockign station but allow for high quality music without interruptions.

The following iPod dock and sound systems werwe chosen for their usability and user friendly features. They are the top of the line with current technology. They all include wireless remotes and extra ports to plug in other audio sources.

Mirage OmniVibe OMNIPOLAR Dock&Sound System

The Mirage OmniVibe provides the most innovative way to listen to your iPod. This iPod dock is the perfect solution for any model of iPod, any MP3 player, or even your computer. The OmniVibe iPod dock features state of the art speakers that produce the highest quality sound.

Due to the unique shape of the dock, it allows for the music to be evenly distributed throughout the listening area. But, don't worry, the louder you turn it up, you won't distort the sound quality.

While listening to your iPod via the speakers, the docking station charges your iPod and allows easy access to it.

The docking station provides a video output, USB drive, and a wireless remote control.

Athena iVoice Direct Radiating Dock & Sound System

Providing a simple stereo design, this iPod dock is built on Athena's great reputation. It is a new innovative sound dock that was designed for loud music with a great sound quality.

The docking stations charges your iPod while you listen to your favorite tunes through the loud speakers.

The dock station features a video output that allows you to view images and videos that you have stored on your iPod on your TV.

There is an audio input that will even allow you to hook up the station to your computer, and listen to your tunes through your PC's speakers.

Not sure if you have a place for this dock and sound system? Don't worry. It can be mounted on the wall.

Bose® SoundDock® Portable Digital Music System

Although, a little more pricey that the other iPod dock and sound systems, the Bose SoundDock is portable allowing you to take you speakers anywhere! The SoundDock is a digital music system that is unmatched to any other battery powered iPod speaker. The design is slimmer than most of ther stations, yet it doesn't compromise with the sound quality.

A rechargeable lithium-ion battery, that is included with the system, provides more power and longer playing time than most other rechargeable batteries.

This docking station is rotating, so it can disappear for easy storage and protection during transit. Ther is a handle attached so to make the system easier to carry.

All iPod models that feature a click wheel will dock and play on Bose's SoundDock. You can even play music from your iPhone.

Your iPod witll charge as it plays for an uninterrupted music experience.

Included is a custom remote that will easily control the basic iPod functions to include your Playlist and volume.

The SoundDock includes an auxiliary input that allows you to connect other portable sources.

You can find the SoundDock in its black and white varieties so to better match the décor of your home.

Eton Sound 50 Speaker System

The Eton Sound 50 has an innovative slim, sleek design that will enhance your audio pleasure. With the slim design that comes in both black and white, it will fit to any décor.

By plugging your iPod into the docking station, you will be charging your iPod while you are able to listen to your tune with high quality sound.

The Eton Sound 50 features dual twin range drivers and micro- tweeters that provide a well balance sound across a wide frequency range. There is, also, an adapter tray that allows the various iPod models to fit properly into the dock. The LED power and volume indicators will give you a clear reading so that you can clearly see the settings on the dock.

The AC Adaptor that is included, will allow you to plug the speaker system into the wall for easy playing time.

The remote will give you complete control of your iPod at a distance so that you can select and adjust your settings and playlist.

Dreamgear Dgipod-357 I.Sound Concert 2 Go

The DGIPOD 357 is an on the go dock and speaker system. It has 40 watts of power without any distortion. The bass boost and the surround effects make the unit simply amazing.

With it's simple design, the DGIPOD, features a built-in alarm clock and FM radio, as well as a wireless remote to control the system.

Even if you don't have an iPod, this sound system will still work for you, as you can connect other audio devices with the standard headphone output.

The built in subwoofer produces high quality sound either on the go or while in your home charging and syncing your iPod.


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    • Jordan Riley profile image

      Jordan Riley 6 years ago

      Insightful discourse that you have presented. Keep up the good work

    • profile image

      Mcmaldo 6 years ago

      The same for my Ipad ?

    • Eddy2106 profile image

      Eddy2106 7 years ago from Chicago Suburb, IL

      If i had 200 bucks i'd go out and buy one of those systems, but until then i'll stick with my headphones, or computer. Nice hub.