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Top 7 free Xbox live games for windows phone 7.8*

Updated on September 7, 2014

There may be several games that are far better than the top seven Xbox live games for windows phone which I will be listing in this article, but need I remind you of one benefit of this and the "you've got nothing to lose factor" simply because it's free. Downloading and playing these games also earn you achievements, helps workout / warm up your brain and provides a form of competition. One disadvantage though is that it can take up your time should you become addicted or too competitive. Let's ride on

So here are my list of the top seven free Xbox live games for windows phone from the least to the most according to my favourite list and the difficulty level.

#7 Sudoku

Here comes the first on my list, Sudoku which I am sure most people if not everyone have all heard of.


This logic based game not only come with eight achievements to rack up but it also contains fun-filled and intense long hours of gameplay. The inclusion of other modes like classic and lightning modes also makes it impossible to drop until you have earned it till the last drop of your achievements. Although, the achievement points aren't as much as for the paid games but it's worth it. You get badges as you play along which is like a ranking and is shown on the leaderboard as well. It also offers five different difficulty levels under both classic and lightning modes namely:

Training ★, Easy ★★, Moderate ★★★, Advanced ★★★★ and Expert ★★★★★

You really do not need to cheat except if you are in a rush to earn your achievements quickly and easily.

#6 Minesweeper

This classic puzzle game is somewhat hard to play but as soon as you get the hang of it, it is like eating bread with butter.


Not many people understand how to play minesweeper and surprisingly, some people still think Minesweeper is a random chance game. I used to get frustrated and doubt my ability when I began playing minesweeper until I watched a YouTube video on how to play Minesweeper itself. Although, I still find it difficult playing the advanced level on windows phone but the power-ups are of great benefits. There are two games of classic and speed modes each having four difficulty level modes namely:

Easy ★★, Beginner ★★★ Intermediate ★★★★, Advanced ★★★★★

You also get the chance to rack up 10 achievements. Not easy to achieve. In fact, it can take up to a lifetime or you might just end up deleting it if you don't have to cheat. (Well, even if you are capable of doing so). The more points you earn, the higher your rank which is useful against your friends on the leaderboard. Your rank also unlock power-ups as well.

#5 Shuffle Party

This action / Adventure based genre game uses 3D for its gameplay experience. It comes with four different game modes namely: Bowling, Challenge, Shuffleboard and 'Pass and play'


It is easy to play as long as you master the accuracy and speed which would come handy with practice. You have the option of customizing your objects by buying them in the shop with the virtual money you earn for playing each games. Playing bowling games gives the most money especially when you make strikes in rows. There are 10 achievements waiting for grabs (50 gamer points to be exact) and three different leaderboards. It is easy to play and achievements can be earned easily with dedication and skill.

#4 Flowerz

This game fall under the Puzzle / Trivia genre and requires panning ahead and making wise decisions. The game allows the player to match same flowers (minimum of three) together either horizontally, vertically or a combination of both (as in a +)


Doing this earn you points and the more flowers you use, the more difficult the level becomes and you have to be careful not to fill up the spaces on the board or it's game-over. There are two game modes of standard and expert which allows you to switch between them without having to restart the game. Standard game is easy but you earn less points plus you have fifteen achievements to unlock. Achievements are fairly difficult to unlock as you need loads of gameplay time of more than 250. You also need skill, luck and planning ahead in order to successfully complete the challenges.

#3 Alphajax

This scrabble-related game falls under the Word / Puzzle genre and it allows the player to utilise their learnt English abilities to challenge opponents all around the world


It offers both online and local multiplayer. There is no limit to the amount of person you can play with but the opponent has the chance to force your resignation after a week of inactivity. Local multiplayer does not affect your score and rating on the leaderboard so it can be used for practising. If you have a very good vocabulary skill, it will be easy getting more than half of the 20 achievements obtainable.

#2 Breeze

Breeze also falls under the puzzle / trivia game genre. It is a very interesting game that requires patience, hand-eye coordination, patience and accuracy as well as timing.


It offers different two types of control : Touch and tilt mode which makes it easy to control depending on the user's choice. Achievements are easy to get with patience but there is a secret achievement which is mostly always uneasy to unlock except when it is googled online. I had to do the same myself to unlock that secret achievement. you can choose two game modes of easy and hard but it's fun to play and 50 gamer points won't do any damage to your gamer score.

#1 Wordament

On my number one list is Wordament. it's surprising that I have chosen this Puzzle / trivia game genre as number one.


I remember when I first played this game, I never really liked it but after installing and uninstalling about three times, I came to appreciate the beauty of this game. Easy to play, nice interface and availability of the games in different languages, this game is a must have for all gamers especially if you love playing word games or are hoping to improve your grammatical abilities. 17 achievements ready to be pocketed but you must be really skilled and fast to be able to earn some of the achievements i.e. your brain and hands needs to work faster than the tick of a clock. One disadvantage is that you need constant Internet access when playing the game and it's quite difficult to earn all the achievements only because there are other players who cheat their way to the top. To counter this, it's advisable to play in another language where there are only few players.

Comparison table

File size
Achievement (points)
Difficulty rating
20 (200G)
10 (50G)
15 (200G)
10 (50G)
Shuffle party
10 (50G)
8 (50G)
17 (200G)

This table shows the comparison between the top 7 Xbox live free games for windows phone 7

if you are using a windows phone and would like to download the game from the Xbox live marketplace for Windows phone. You can either download it directly on your phone or go to link below and search the games then follow the download instruction (make sure the find my phone option on your phone is set to connected if you want to install from the Windows phone marketplace )

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Published on August 16, 2014

© 2014 Taiwo Kareem


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