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10 Top Best Choices for Online Backup Service

Updated on October 1, 2010

How many times have you lost documents on your computer because something crashed? It’s a hassle and it’s one that can be easily avoided if you backup all of your documents. Most of us still waste time doing this manually which means we often don’t have a backup of our most recent work. This tends to defeat the purpose of backing it up at all since the most recent stuff is usually what we want back when a computer crashes. The solution that makes the most sense is to start using an online backup system which typically saves copies of everything onto the Internet so that you can easily restore it if your computer goes out on you.

Ten of the top choices for online backup service are:

1. Mozy. This seems to be a top choice for a lot of individuals and businesses. One reason is because it’s been around for several years now and it’s consistently gotten better as time has gone on. People love this service because it’s extremely user-friendly and backup goes pretty quickly whether you’re doing a first-time backup of everything or just your regular ongoing backup storage. Mozy tends to be relatively affordable too which is always a plus; unlimited backup is offered at less than $5 per month.

2. JungleDisk. This is another of the most popular options for online backup. It’s affordable although there’s an additional small fee for not just the software but also for a subscription to the Amazon S3 web data storage program. It’s still considered a fair price. People seem to love that it has a lot of options for scheduling backup and making changes to it.

3. IDrive. There are several reasons that you might enjoy this backup service. It’s got some storage offered entirely for free so it’s great if you’re just starting to figure out whether online backup is even for you or not. It’s also got a lot of great additional features (like advanced search functions and drag-and-drop restoration) that can be used by people who do already like online backup and who want to be able to do more with it.

4. SOS Online Backup. This is another backup service that offers a lot of additional features for those users who want to do a lot with the service. It tends to be more user-friendly than IDrive according to most people, though, so you may find that it’s the better of the two choices if you’re just starting out and aren’t quite confident in your own tech-savvy skills. It’s received numerous awards so it’s certainly a good choice.

5. Carbonite. This is an interesting service in the sense that people seem to either love it or hate it. It seems to be best for those people who don’t plan on storing a whole lot of stuff but who do want to easily store some items. People who are looking to just store basic text documents and spreadsheets should find that this is a good choice to consider using. People who want to store media may want to look at other options. Their free trial is worth a look at least though.

6. Abacus Online Backups. This is another service with a free trial that you may want to check out before deciding which service to use. This one is nice because the trial is guaranteed to be fully-functional which isn’t the case with all of them. It’s affordable and easy to use so it’s another popular choice.

7. IBackup. This is a service that offers a bit more personalized experience than some of the others. It allows you to choose from eight different application downloads which each have different interfaces and different features. This means that you really get a lot to play around with when choosing this online backup service. However, it’s pricier than a lot of the other options so you have to pay for what you want to get.

8. This service is considered one of the top online backup services that also doubles as a filesharing service. People who are interested in sharing their files between multiple computers or with others that they work with may find that an online backup version of their documents that can be easily shared through the system is a really good choice that kills two birds with one stone.

9. This is another service that is used as much for filesharing as it is for online backup. It’s affordable and easy-to-use. This one is really focused more on the collaboration features of the product so it doesn’t make a lot of sense as a tool for someone seeking only online backup but could be good for people who want more of the sharing aspect.

10. Memeo Backup. People who are sharing files and doing work together within an office may also want to use a more advanced backup system. Memeo is one that offers the chance to assign a manager or administrator who can review the backup information of others working on the same project. This helps in organizing documents between shared computers and keeping everyone on task and on top of things.

The type of online backup service that you want to get is really going to depend a lot on what you need it for. If you’re storing a lot of media then you want a service with a lot of storage. If you’re storing documents that you share with others then you want a backup service that has collaboration features. These ten choices are a good place to start in your search for online backup options.


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  • profile image


    8 years ago

    Check out SafeCopy backup and SugarSync.Other wise great info up there.

  • profile image


    8 years ago


    An option for you is Managed Service Providers (MSP's)powered by software.

    Gartner has published its first Magic Quadrant on Enterprise Disk-based Backup and Recovery. This is a highly regarded report that recognized companies not just for their product but for the company’s position in the backup industry. Gartner analysts, through reports like these, influence hundreds of millions of dollars of IT spending because of their in-depth due diligence and market analysis. Asigra is honored to be one of only 15 companies worldwide included in this report, and the best placed cloud backup vendor, outranking Iron Mountain, i365 and Acronis. This report further validates that your data will be protected by the industry-leading cloud backup platform.

    Always nice to have options, I hope this helps ;)

    Have a great day!


  • slc334 profile image


    8 years ago from Canada

    Wow, what an excellent resource! I just recently wrote a hub about the best free backup services, it has some newer options, but yours is fantastic!

  • save my system profile image

    save my system 

    8 years ago from United Kingdom - London

    The type of online backup service that you want to get is really going to depend a lot on what you need it for. If you’re storing a lot of media then you want a service with a lot of storage.

  • profile image 

    8 years ago from bear, de, 19701

    Thanks for the valuable information of Online backup services top ten.From all the ten i like and the most most is the best one than others in my view.It stores the data and securely store it in the sever.

  • save my system profile image

    save my system 

    8 years ago from United Kingdom - London

    With the risk of hardware failure, accidental deletion, theft, fire, etc.--not to mention viruses and spyware becoming a bigger problem by the day, it simply makes sense to take advantage of the security that the major online backup companies offer.

  • save my system profile image

    save my system 

    8 years ago from United Kingdom - London

    Online backup services work in much the same way as traditional backup software does. With an online backup service, however, your important data is transmitted over the Internet and securely stored on a server in a professional data center.

  • profile image


    8 years ago

    Thanks Kathryn, great hub, you forgot to include sugarsync it'sa great online backup service check out for more info on it. btw 800 hubs!!!!! :O

  • profile image


    9 years ago

    I like online backup and favor It is a great service for personal use or people looking for inexpensive online backup. It is very simple to use with features like incremental automatic and scheduled backup. With, windows mobile backup solution is available free with it. So my mobile data is also backed up.

    With such great features and value for money, I don’t wish to switch to any other company

  • profile image

    HD Doctor Blog 

    9 years ago

    great list, i am writting a post about online backup services. thank you.

  • cloudberryman profile image


    9 years ago from Newport Beach

    Want to learn a new way to backup the data to S3? Try CloudBerry Backup. It is powered by Amazon S3 reliable and cost efficient storage. If you want to take part in beta sign up on the website What safer place to keep your files than Amazon's servers?

  • Thadrok profile image


    10 years ago from Portland, OR

    Great hub. I actually found some pretty useful information! Thanks!

  • profile image


    10 years ago

    Great information here....thank you!

  • cashmere profile image


    10 years ago from India

    That's a very useful list. I can't imagine how many times I have lost all my data. Now I have a hard disk that I keep disconnected from the main system and update with essential data on a regular basis. These options are looking good to me.


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