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Top External Hard Drives

Updated on June 7, 2011

As many of you who follow my work will know i write a lot,i don't mean here and there i mean a lot,probably around 2000 words or more a day and that is a lot of data so i decided that once this kind of data started slowing down my laptop i needed some space so i decided to opt for an external hard drive but i remember the old on I had and it was this huge bulky black thing that just sat there and hummed quietly in the background and offered me no input as to what if anything it was backing up,now this was 5 years ago or so and times and technology have changed an awful lot since then and this leads me to look over some of the best external hard drives that you can lay your hands on at the moment.Be they small or large,tiny storage or massive storage i will look at the best ones out at the moment and you can make your own mind up.

So i will list these external hard drives in no particular order and let you decide which one would suit your need more as everybody has different needs for their memory storage and some people aren't sure what they need but i will make it clear which hard drive would suit what person to help out this kind of question.

1: Western Digital My Passport 1TB

This happens to be the external hard drive that i have at home,although mine is in a nice shade of red,a simply huge capacity of quick memory and all packed into such a small package,weighing less than a pound and about the size of a very small notepad 4 and a bit inches by 3 and a bit inches and less than an inch thick,this is the ideal hard drive for those people using laptops who like to be able to carry around their extra data in their pocket or in the laptop case,very easy to carry around on your person,great little hard drive and i have had no problems with mine in the year that i have had it.

2: Seagate Freeagent Goflex 1TB

To be honest 1 tb is probably all you are ever going to need so these are the maximum im going to be showing,this is an alternative to the one above as it is again lightweight and small making it great to carry around with your laptop or notebook,it comes with the standard usb 2.0 or the ability to upgrade via download the new usb 3.0 for much faster back ups.Great idea,this item weighs less than a pound and comes in at slightly smaller then the western digital although slightly thicker,good alternative

3: Toshiba Canvio Plus

This tiny little hard drive from Toshiba is the smallest one out of all the hard drives i have reviewed and comes in at a price that everyone can afford especially if you need extra space,you would be forgiven for thinking that if it is that small then it cant possibly have much room on it but it does,it comes with 320 gb of space which is plenty for medium home use.Most powerful laptops come with that amount as standard so it is like having a second laptop to store all your data on.

4: Iomega Desktop Drive 2TB

This is the largest storage you will probably need for the home,even if you are downloading movies all the time and storing lots of data,it is a bit chunky but then you can forgive it that due to the huge storage it offers.It comes fitted with a protection suite for your piece of mind and also comes with a little stand for it to sit on,despite its size it is incredibly quite this machine and would serve you well.

5: Hitachi x250 mobile

This tiny hard drive is perfect for the people that aren't really sure if they use enough memory to warrant one,first of all this hard drive is exceptionally cheap and wont break the bank plus it is tiny and wont really be noticed sitting next to the PC,it comes with a tiny 250gb memory but this is absolutely loads if your not sure you need any,its about the same as a medium laptop so plenty for the small home user,no power cable is needed as it runs the hard drive off the usb cable so when your pc is power up so is the hard drive.

6: Iomega Prestige 500

I have already shown you the very large but very capable Iomega desktop drive but this is their smaller option should you like what they build,this is the Iomega 500 which is very small even considering its 500 gb of memory storage,it has usb 3.0 capabilities which makes it very fast indeed at transferring all your data,although you can use a usb 2.0 if you aren't that far up on the technology yet.It features drop shock technology should you drop it while out and about and has security protection built in to make you feel comfortable taking it out with you.


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    • xboxps3wow profile image


      7 years ago from chicago

      I like the 2.5 inch ones, but they are more expensive and the capacity will always be behind the larger HDDS

    • katrinasui profile image


      7 years ago

      I am using Seagate external hard drive and very much satisfied with it.


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