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Top Five Android Filmmaking apps

Updated on June 20, 2013

The Top Five

The birth of Tablet really changed the game for filmmakers worldwide. I have gone to the trouble of tracking down the top five android filmmaking apps that absolutely need to be on your tablet or phone.

Technology is helping us become more efficient and makes our life much easier and more organized. With cloud servers we are now able to stream everything in real time straight to our computers minimizing the chances of making human mistakes such as misplacing papers and so forth. Anyhoo, let’s dive into the list;

  1. Digital Clapper – For those who need to synchronize sound the digital clapper is a wonderful app. The good thing about this app is that it also allows you to make a shot list with the sounds for organization and the ability to export it so it definitely becomes a useful little thing. I definitely suggest you get your hand on this one now.
  2. Kodak Cinema Tools – This is like the ultimate Filmmakers friend and does much more than I would be able to explain in this article. Film length Calculator, DOF calculator, Filmmaking language, and much more. Get this now!
  3. Light Meter – You know what I’m talking about. This app is a life saver when it comes to getting the lighting just right. It’s surprisingly accurate and resourceful. Your life will never be the same.
  4. Remote Prompter – Okay this might be more for people doing shows and commercials but I use it nonetheless. Prompters just help you get the message out there in a few takes and this app does a fantastic job at emulating a real teleprompter.
  5. MyScreenplays Free – We all need to take notes and this baby helps you turn your notes into real scripts. It even exports to PDF and CELTx. I use Final Draft and wish that final draft can invent something like this, but for those of you who don’t use final draft this is freaking awesome!

There you go, my list. What else should we add on? If you guys know of any filmmaking apps worth mentioning why not drop a comment below and I’ll explore it for you. I love filmmaking and I love what new technology is doing for filmmaking. It’s only going to get better!

How Apps Change the World


The Evolving App Culture

The list above only deals with a small selection but I hope to refine the list. You'll never have more than five on this list because the aim is to maintain the top five android filmmaking apps. If you believe there is a better app out there and that one should be replaced...please send me a message and I'll put it up to the community to decide.

The app culture is becoming more involved with filmmaking and it truly is revolutionizing the way we make films.

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I would like to hear from you guys so we can continually refine this list. Please feel free to post here anything you wish to add to this list, I'll periodically check in and refine the list accordingly!


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