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5 Best Bluetooth Headphones For Working Out 2016

Updated on February 18, 2016

Best Bluetooth Headphones for Working out and Sports

Wireless or Bluetooth headphones have become important accessories for people with phones, and laptops.

Headphones that are designed for use in the gym and working out, are different than those used in home or office, for example headphones, which are used in sports, tend to be more comfortable to wear while being active and sound grand, to contend with high music levels and cancel outdoor noises.

I managed to put a list of five headphones, I believe they are well-suited for use during physical activities, and in the process, you will hopefully get a better idea of which headphones will suit you better.

Play Time
Overall Rating
Plantronics BackBeat Fit
Fit comfortably, Sweat proof, Clear bass & stereo
8 Hours
8.7 /10
66 Audio BTS+
Great value for the price, Great customer service
30 Hours
9 /10
JayBird BlueBuds X
Best Bluetooth Range, Simple to use, Snug fit
8 Hours
8.9 /10
Oduo FlexOne
Elegant design, Lightweight, Fits perfectly in ear
5 Hours
7.8 /10
Cootree C220
Foldable, Inexpensive
16 Hours
8.2 /10
*The Overall Rating is based on each headphone's Durability, Price, How they fit, Bluetooth Range, and Battery.

#1 Plantronics BackBeat Fit

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If you are looking for a headphone that is designed for working out, then, Plantronics Backbeat Fit is the answer.

It is made out of rubber, it’s quite flexible and repetitively soft. You will feel it push a little when you lean back against something, but it doesn't affect their stability or making them pop off that easily, Bluetooth signal strength of mine has been great, reaching the 10 feet range, it has on-ear buds that sounds really good, though at times when background noises are too loud, they are not 100% efficient at isolating them, though they do a greatly at reducing them and let in enough ambient noise to be safe.

The battery is something makes Plantronics stands for itself, I'm getting a 7 hours of continuous music playing time from one charge, it comes with free downloadable software available on Android and IOS platforms, so you can monitor your headset battery meter and can provide on-screen alerts when your battery is low or fully charged.

  • Colors: Blue and Green.
  • Battery duration: Up to 6 hours of talk time and 8 hours of listening.
  • What comes in the box: Plantronics Backbeat Fit, carrying pouch which transformers to an arm band, USB cable.
  • Official price: $91.99

#2 66 Audio BTS+

Click thumbnail to view full-size

If you are looking for the best battery life bluetooth headphones, or you are tired of using earbuds when running or at the gym and got sick of them, maybe by falling out or causing you ear pain, 66 Audio BTS+ is the solution.

They have soft ear pads which make them comfortable around the ear, they are conveniently light, easy to pair with a phone or laptop, the sound is great, and when you go running, you won't get that bouncing effect you may have with other brands like this.

There is no difference between taking calls using your iPhone Mic and the BTS+ headphone Mic, they sound like $150 headphones, yet they cost much less.

To sum up, BTS+ has the best bluetooth headphone's battery life hands down, it lasts longer than any headphones out there I have tried, it delivers about 25 to 30 hours of play time, depending on how loud you like your music to be.

  • Colors: Only Black
  • Battery duration: Up to 30 Hours
  • What comes in the box: 66 Audio BTS+, USB charging cable and carrying pouch
  • Official price: $49.99

#3 JayBird BlueBuds X

This is the famous collection of JayBird , the JayBird BlueBuds X headphones are known for their lightweight, compact and they have pretty secure fit in your ear, though you might spend some time trying to get the right fit, and you may end up not using the cushions that comes with them if you have a big ears like mine, once you pass fitting process, then nothing comes between you and the music you're playing.

We all know that when it comes to sound stability wired phones are the best, but in case of wireless headphones, JayBird Bluebuds X is the best long range Bluetooth headset, they are truly impressive, they can cover up to 15 feet easy and they maintain a clear connection through the walls, the sound quality is very clean and clear, the bass is nice but doesn't oversaturate in the mids and highs.

Pairing JayBird BlueBuds X with Siri or Android takes less than 15 seconds, and the battery life is actually quite good, I tried it a couple times it lasted me about 7 hours something.

In general JayBird Bluebirds X is by far the absolute best Bluetooth stereo headphones that I have ever used. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a great set of wireless headphones.

  • Colors: White, Black and Camo
  • Battery duration: Up to 8 Hours
  • What comes in the box: JayBird Bluebuds X, USB charging cable, earplugs and ear-hooks, User Manual and a carrying pouch
  • Official price: Starting $110.00

#4 Oduo FlexOne

Click thumbnail to view full-size

The Oduo FlexOne is designed for sporting types who don't like to deal with dangling headphone wires, and allows you to listen to music while keeping your phone connected and safe while jogging, It has a flexible and cozily behind-the-neck wire with an overall ergonomic design and can be charged using USB, same as Sony NWZ-W273 mp3 player method of charging, it has an excellent microphone and voice reception and blockage of external noise

Once you get the headset positioned, they stay in place even during intense exercise, I wasn't expecting the FlexOne headphones to have great sound quality but I was pleasantly surprised, but all that elegant design and affordable price range, comes on the expense of the battery not lasting too long, the maximum period i got was 4 hours and half.

All in all, you get pass the battery capacity and you get yourself a well built and better performer headset than most of same or higher price range.

  • Colors: Black and Green.
  • Battery duration: Around 5 Hours
  • What comes in the box: Oduo FlexOne earbuds, user manual, charging cable, and custom earplugs and ear-hooks.
  • Official price: $49.99

#5 Cootree C220

Click thumbnail to view full-size

The first time I have seen Cootree C220, I noticed that the headphones are foldable, they twist right together when you stretch them and let them loose, I kind of like it from the start, It has a mix of a earbuds and neckband headphones because the plastic band you see is actually a neckband, yet it fits over your ear at the same time, resulting a headphone that stays put even when jogging and working out, the pad fits roughly into my ear but without sealing over it, so external sounds can still enter your ear.

Pairing this headset with my phone was easy, I pushed and held the talk button until the LED on the headset flashed, then I turned Bluetooth on, and allowed my phone to look for the headset, it was as easy as pairing it with my laptop.

You will find this headphone tricky to operate at first, because the plastic neckband is loaded with tension so it tends to coil upon itself pretty much all of the time, you'll have to play with them for a couple seconds to be familiar with the way they work. Once managing that, you'll notice that they are comfortable and you don't even really notice them.

Overall, these headphones stay put no matter the activity you're up against, and have great sound quality. Additionally, those 16 hours of usage you will get out of these headphones are really enormous as compared to many other Bluetooth headphones on the market.

  • Colors: Only Black.
  • Battery duration: Up to 16 Hours
  • What comes in the box: Cootree headset, USB charging cable
  • Official price: $29.99

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Five Tips to Get the Best Out of Your Headphones

  1. When the sound is playing at higher volume, it makes the battery drain faster, so make sure to lower it down a bit if you want an extra play time.
  2. Don't let your headphones battery completely die. Recharge it before it shuts down automatically due to the very low battery.
  3. As you may know, each battery comes with a limited number of charging cycles. Manufacturers do not reveal how many cycles their products can charge, but typically, between 300 to 500 full charging cycles are available, depending upon the brand and how often the device is recharged.
  4. It is best to charge your Bluetooth headphones all the way. Most headphones require between two to three hours to charge, especially headsets that give more than six hours of music playback
  5. If you go on vacation or plan to not use your player for a while, leave your battery at about 70% charged status and switch off your device. When you comeback the battery may look empty but the cells are fresh, charge it and go.

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