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Top Iphone must have accessories.

Updated on September 10, 2013

Must have Iphone accessories

Our Iphones have many capabilities and specifications that most phones don't have and is constantly evolving along with literally thousands of add on accessories that make our Iphones even more eye catching. Below are some accessories that will turn the heads of andriod users and other phone users of other competitors.

  1. Olloclip Quick- Connect Solutions ( Fisheye lens, macro lens, wide angle lens all in one)

    This handy little gadget gives your standard iphone camera an added advantage with a flare ! by clipping on the Olloclip lens on the corner of your iphone it instantly gives your iphone the ability to either shoot in the following mode, Fisheye, Macro, and wide angle. Each setting is conveniently placed and designed on opposites sides of each other so in order to use one or the other, one just needs to flip the lens around and viola ! you can go from fisheye mode to macro mode in less than 2 seconds.

    The gadget itself is tiny enough to fit in your pocket without having to feel like you're carrying something big and bulky, in addition to it's tiny size it comes with a nice carrying pouch that's made out of soft felt so that it wont damage the gadget. The lens themselves have two caps on them to protect them from being scratched or exposed to dust and dirt. The actual gadget itself fits snugly on the corner of your iphone and doesn't come off easily unless a little force is applied.

    Shooting pictures with the Olliclip Lens is amazing, it's fun, creative and adds another dimension to your picture taking at a fraction of the cost compare to more expensive lens solution.

Video review of the Olloclip Quick-Connect lens

Pocket Projector for Iphone 4 Devices by Telstar

The Telstar pocket Projector is definitely a must have accessory, if you're always on the go, traveling a lot, attending business meetings, or keeping the kids entertained everywhere you go this gadget is a must have. Boasting a 15 lumen projector lamp ensuring sharper images, and being able to project images up to 50", One of the cool features of this device is the ability to double up as a external battery charger for your iphone with 2100mah battery life, gives you enough juice to watch plenty of movies on the go.

Viewing experiences are pleasant with the images remaining pretty sharp and crisp even at 8 feet away, the video quality is amazing and images can be projected on any surface, the sound quality is mediocre but can be greatly improved by connecting external speakers to your iphone giving you a portable entertainment system to bring with you basically anywhere you go. Love watching youtube videos or Netflix ? well now you can enjoy that as well on your projector. An avid video gamer ? it doesn't get any better than playing games on this projector , making games alot more exciting and an overall fun one at that.

The device itself is very small and light, it has a dock feature allowing you to dock your phone into the device for a very tight, secure fit. The build quality is very good and it feels like it's more expensive than it really is. No matter where you take the Telstar pocket projector you're definitely going to get notice and you better get ready for an audience.

Lifeproof Iphone 4/4S

If you have an active lifestyle and like going hiking, mountain biking, swimming , skiing, snowboarding, etc. then i have the perfect case for you, presenting the Lifeproof. With the ability to with-stand extreme weather conditions and be able to survive a drop impact of up to 6ft and also be submerged up to 6 ft deep the Lifeproof is one of the toughest waterproof cases around.

The Lifeproof is well designed, it's functionality is great and didn't compromise in the looks department either, weighing only 3.2 ounces and adding only 2mm to your existing iphone profile.
In other phone cases that were around the price range of the lifeproof I noticed that the material on some of these cases attracted a lot of lint when put into one's pocket, it completely detracts from the overall look of the case not to mention it's very annoying and a complete hassle trying to clean off all the lint off the case. With the Lifeproof you simply don't have that problem, the case is made out of materials that doesn't attract lint and repels dust and dirt easily. The headphone jack is also protected by a headphone adaptor and cover keeper keeping water, dust, dirt, and snow out. Shooting pictures with the lifeproof is flawless with a crystalclear optical-glass lens allowing one to shoot clear images without any kind of distortion and at the same time protecting the camera lens of your iphone.

No matter where you are or what you're doing, whether you're hiking up a mountain or snorkeling the coral reefs of Australia rest assured that you're iphone will remain well protect from the elements, i use this personally and take it with me every time i go hiking and mountain biking, it's with stood going through gushing waterfalls, and drops from my pockets while riding my bike and still maintains it's functionality.

underwater test

HMDX Jam portable bluetooth speaker

Not to many people would argue with me when i say that the audio quality on our IPhone is sub par, when out in public and when surrounded by a lot of background noise the audio is very hard to hear. Having a external portable speaker to take with you on the go to off set background noises is vital to enjoying your music and movies your phone.This Christmas my sister bought me a tiny little speaker suitably named JAM made by HMDX, this neat little speaker comes in various colors including, blueberry blue, green apple, blackberry grey, apricot orange, purple grape and strawberry red, i got the blueberry blue which is a bright and vibrant midnight blueish color. The packaging is unique in itself that each fruit color corresponds with it's own realistic fruit scent when opened, i got a good whip of a nice subtle blueberry scent when i opened mine and was pleasantly surprised, it was just different.

Build wise, the unit is really built solid and just has a very solid feel to it. The bottom has a rubber base where the on and off switch is also located to grip on any solid surface without having the speaker slip off by accident. The unit isn't small enough to fit in a pocket per say but is small enough to fit in a small side pocket of a backpack or in a purse. The unit also has line-in capability for non bluetooth devices to connect easily and effortless. As i mentioned above HDMX JAM comes in six different vibrant colors for anyone to choose. The exterior material of this speaker is smooth and very easy to clean, i have a 2 yr old son who loves to play with this unit and watch his movies, we all know how 2 yr olds get and things can get from messy to dirty in under 30 seconds.

During about the same i got my JAM speaker my wife also was given a portable bluetooth speaker of different brand, we decided to do a sound comparison playing the same song on our phones at the same time. Right away i noticed a great deal of difference, my JAM definitely outperformed hers on every level, the bass was clearer, there was no sound distortion at a higher volume setting, bluetooth connection was seamless and didn't cut out even at 30 ft, and overall the sound quality just sounded great ! These speakers work with all bluetooth enabled device and is very easy to setup. Having a rechargeable battery that last 4 hrs and that you don't have to constantly change every time is also a great quality too.

Mophie Juice pack plus battery case

This next gadget is definitely one of my favorite accessory to have with me anywhere i go. I use it religiously because of the sole fact that it adds approximately 8 hrs of additional talk time and roughly around 7 hrs of web browsing. Now if you're like me and use a lot of data, watch movies, listen to music , email , text, basically the whole nine yards then you know how it is to run out of battery every so often and have to plug in your device to an outlet, now if you're in the middle of nowhere and you start running out of juice and have nowhere to plug your device in then you're basically out of luck. That's why having the Mophie juice pack plus around is so crucial to have. I' m an avid outdoor enthusiast participating in outdoor activities such as hiking, extreme mountain biking, camping , fishing, and basically anything outdoors. Having this with me in the middle of nowhere gives me the confidence to carry on outdoors without worrying about running out of juice.

Ergonomically, the device is very well built. It fits perfectly in your hand without adding much bulk to your phone. It's exterior is made out of rubberized band that's soft to the touch and grips well against your hand. The case encases your phone in it's shell and gives it a snug fit with the feel of added protection. The neat feature about this case is that you can charge your phone or sync it with itunes without taking your phone out of the case. The Mophie juice pack plus comes in six different colors which includes black, magenta, orange, purple, yellow, and Cyan.

The Mophie juice pack plus comes in many colors to choose from.
The Mophie juice pack plus comes in many colors to choose from. | Source


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