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Top Mac Web Browsers of 2017

Updated on April 21, 2017

Web browsers are just the basic requirement to access the internet, no matter which one you prefer to use. Every platform is different in terms of features and functionalities, thus we cannot consider the best of Android to be the best for other platforms. These days, Mac platform is becoming a one-size-fits-all option for many users around the world so, here in this post, we’ll be covering the whole of Mac OS in terms of web browsing.

If you are in a view that fast web browsing depends only on the internet connection speed then you are missing. When it comes to the Mac operating system, there are umpteen options available that allows you to make the most of things than just surfing the web. Let’s walk through the list of top Mac web browsers of 2017.


All Mac devices comes loaded with the default Safari browser. The browser offers astonishing features, including RSS integration, speed dial, and bookmarking for easily accessing the most viewed web pages. The user interface of the application is certainly very easy to use and stylish, and is even great to experience the fast and smooth we browsing.

Being a product from a giant like Apple, it comes wrapped in an array of powerful features. The browser works like breeze on all Apple products, but you may find that some of its features are not good at work when used on non-Apple products.

Google Chrome

Developed by Google, Chrome is undoubtedly the choice of millions. With features like simple and user-friendly interface, uncluttered design, fast browsing, amazing controlling options, support to a plethora of innovative plug-ins, etc. the web browser has set new standards for its competitors.

Best of all, it comes with the mobile integration feature, thus you can easily keep your data in sync and browse between multiple devices without any hitch. Chrome is completely free to use and offers a seamless experience. Everything you need is just at the right position in Google Chrome.

Mozilla Firefox

This is another best option when comes to surfing the web without any hassle and in a convenient manner. Mozilla not only keeps you organised but is efficient enough to keep malware and spyware away. Wrapped in a wide range of amazing features, it helps designers and web developers customise and tweak the settings as per their needs.

While it gets old, but its features make it stand on the table of giants. With tons of built-in features, Mozilla Firefox can be considered as a great choice for Mac machines. Overall, it has almost everything one would expect from such a web browser. It surely makes web browsing a breeze with the search engine integration like Google, Bing, etc.


Opera is another great choice for Mac systems. For those who are struggling with a slow internet connection can consider this web browser for seamless browsing as the turbo mode of this application is rich in working. The feature is able enough to increase the loading speed of webpages by multiple folds.

Opera offers seamless browsing experience along with easy navigation. Earlier it was considered as the slowest browser with cluttered design, but now the experience it offers is really commendable. The web browser is completely safe to use and is secure from malware and other emerging internet-based threats. With additions like powerful rendering, Off-Road mode, and server-side compression, it will surely take your web browsing experience to the next level.


In our list, Maxthon is the other killer preference for Mac. It hosts almost everything you need from a similar application. It allows you to sync, share and manage your files under various operating systems like Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS. As a result, by syncing, you can check your favourites anytime and anywhere.

It is the best option for those who want to make use of Chrome extensions even without using Chrome. It has many features on-board and is a powerful option to surf the web in Mac OS X. Best of all, Maxthon supports a wide range of mouse gestures to cater with a better experience. Its multi-screen support is also a plus for seamless multitasking.

Torch Browser

Based on the Chromium project, Torch grabs the attention of hundreds of thousands of users with its unique design and tremendous features. The web program supports each and every extension resting in Google Chrome Web Store. The best part of Torch is that it supports torrent downloads within the browser.

Torch Browser for Mac is a free, safe and user-friendly option that boasts a plethora of themes and offers smooth web surfing experience. Torch comes with a lot of additional features like social sidebar, Torch Music, Torrent Support, Video download, and then some. So it left us with no reason for not downloading the software. It is beautifully designed and fast web browsing option for Mac users.

Flock Web Browser

If you are one of those who want to be active on social media platforms along with performing other tasks in a browser, there is no best option available other than Flock Web Browser. It allows you to check all the latest notifications related to social media from the sidebar.

Based on Mozilla’s latest version, Flock offers support for more than 20 social networking sites. Using the software, you can instantly share webpage links with your mates on social channels like Facebook. You can even tweet your friends and share images with them on Flicker.

That’s all! Though choosing the best web browser for Mac in not an easy ending topic, we would like to make a stop here as we have covered almost all important and worthy names in our list. In case you feel like adding any other option to the list, feel free to shoot your suggestions in the comments section. We would love to consider your suggestions. Have a happy and safe browsing experience!


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