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Top Ten Most Expensive Things that ever Sold on eBay

Updated on June 19, 2017

If you've been reading my articles for a while, then you already know I'm a huge fan of eBay.

I've been a member of eBay for many years now and at one time dreamed of selling professionally on eBay. Well, I never did find my niche, but I still buy and sell frequently on eBay and am always fascinated by the things that people buy and sell.

In this article I tried to build a list of some of the most expensive AND unusual things that have ever sold on eBay. Sure, I could have listed the top ten jets or top ten yachts that have ever sold on eBay. Many of which have sold for more than some of the items I'm about to showcase, but where's the fun in that? Have a spare 5 million bucks laying around? Read on my friends and I'll show you what you can buy on eBay ...

1. Missile Silo -- concerned about the zombie apocalypse? No worries! Apparently missile silos are being sold on eBay. Recently a missile silo situated near the Adirondack State Park sold for just over 2.1 million dollars. The silo was built during the cold war, can withstand a direct nuclear blast (in theory, of course), and comes complete with a private airstrip, Jacuzzi, and 3 ft. thick walls. Bring it on zombies, I'll be in the hot tub....

Would you invest in a missile silo if you had the money?

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2. 1959 Ferrari GT 250 California - as seen on Ferris Bueller's day off. I wonder, if the valet from Ferris Bueller's day off knew that he could have sold his joyride on eBay for over 3.2 million dollars, would he still return it? The movie could have had a completely different ending... Of course, this wasn't the actual car in the movie, they made 3 models just for the film. Many sports car enthusiasts revere this car as the most beautiful sports car ever built. I'd settle for one of the models any day.

3. T206 Honus Wagner baseball card - It's no secret that you can buy sports cards on eBay. You can find some of the best sports merchandise found anywhere on eBay, so of course baseball cards. Well, this card my friends, is not just any baseball card. Many sports collectors consider this to be the Magna Carta of all sports cards. Issued in 1909, this highly sought after card recently sold on eBay for well over 1.2 million dollars. Have one of these laying around? Why not sell it on eBay and buy yourself a missile silo?

4. Hornet Jet - (Header Pic) So what do you do when your no longer using your jet? You sell it on eBay of course. (You know what they say about jet owners....2 happiest days, first when you buy it and second well you sell it..). And that's exactly what the Blue Angels did. They sold theirs on eBay for a cool 1.4 million. Bomb racks and drop tanks sold separately. Some assembly required...

5. Lunch with Warren Buffett - want to have lunch with one of the world's premier financial minds? No problem! Someone paid 2.6 million dollars to have lunch with the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway. Warren Buffett raises money for the hungry with his annual auction, so if you missed out this year, it's never too late....

6. Round of Golf with Tiger Woods - Think you have what it takes to keep up with one of Golfs greatest players ever? Well, for 425,000 on eBay you can find out. That's what someone paid to get their day on the grass with Tiger. Would I pay to get my butt kicked by Tiger? Absolutely.

7. Martian Meteorite - So how many asteroids have fallen to the earth? Oh, over 60,000 (that we know of). And how many have come from Mars? last count? 124. So if you happen to stumble upon one of these Martian gems at a garage sale, know that you can fetch over 400k for it. The latest of these to sell on eBay just fetched 425,000 dollars!

8. Britney Spears' Hair - Remember when Britney Spears partied a little too hard and decided that shaving her head was a great idea? Well, apparently the opportunistic hair stylist saved the hair and attempted to sell the locks on eBay. Starting Bid? 1 million dollars...( I hear Dr. Evil every time I say that) 1 Million dollars muwahahaha. Unfortunately the auction was a violation of eBay's policy and was immediately halted (and so technically wasn't Sold on eBay, but I thought was interesting nonetheless). And the outcome leaves me wondering, where is that hair now? I wonder what hair fetches on the Black Market....

9. Bridgeville, Ca. - This one boggles my mind. You can buy one of the World's Sexiest Ferraris for a few million bucks, OR, for the more thrifty minded people out there, you could buy an entire town in California for about half as much.. Bridgeville California recently sold on eBay for well over 1.7 million dollars. Town advertised to come with its own shops, woodworking, power and electrical. Oh sure, but does it come with a Missile Silo??

10. Bottle of Beer - So you have your Missile Silo, California Town, Hornet Jet, Ferrari 250 GT, Power Lunch appointment, ...tee time scheduled. What does one do now? Sit back, relax, and enjoy a bottle of one of the most rarest beers still around of course. Allsopp's Arctic Ale, "a valuable antiscorbutic" was originally crafted in 1852 for Sir Edward's expedition to the arctic!

Unfortunately, the first seller had listed this bottle of beer with a typo, and only fetched a measly 300 bucks. The beer showed up on eBay again two months later , spelled correctly, and sold for over 500,000 dollars! (Oh Sure, but has anyone checked the Born On date??)

If you had 5 million bucks to spend on eBay, which one of these would you buy?

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    • Larry Rankin profile image

      Larry Rankin 2 years ago from Oklahoma

      This article was a lot of fun. Great hub!