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Top Ten Wearable Technology

Updated on May 28, 2014

10 Voyce

Voyce has entered the world of wearable technology, but this little gadget isn’t for humans (at least not the normal ones.) This device is actually a smart collar for dogs! Pet owners will be happy to hear that this collar will put them more in touch with man’s best friend than ever before.

What exactly does it do? This collar wears around the dogs neck like any other collar would, but tracks important information about the dog. For instance it can gather data about the dog’s heart rate, rest levels, and even calories. The smart collar also makes it easy for vets to take all the gathered data and use it progressively for each visit, keeping your dog even healthier!

With dogs getting some love from the wearable tech world who knows what we will see next, maybe a smart bowl for our goldfish?


9 Owlet

Did you know even infants are following a trend now? That’s right, with wearable technology becoming even more popular infants were bound to get some of the love. Owlet is a smart sock for your baby that was created with the intention of keeping tabs on him, or her even when you are not there.

Owlet is able to do many things the Voyce for dogs could do, collect important data and allow the parent access to this information. However, aside from monitoring the baby’s vitals, this smart sock does something even more impressive, alerts the parent whenever the baby is lying face down. According to a variety of studies professionals are starting to link Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) to the infants sleeping position.

The idea for the Owlet first came together from CEO Kurt Workman, who came up with this idea after he had to look after his prematurely-born twin cousins. The goal was to create a sock that parents could use to track their infants sleeping position more easily – I’d say he met that goal with the Owlet.

8 LUMOback

Anyone stuck at a desk job will appreciate this new piece of wearable tech – the LUMOback. This is a wireless posture sensor device that reminds the user to sit up straight. If you’re like me and find yourself slouching frequently throughout the day then this device will be fantastic for your spine.

The LUMOback is a slim device that can be worn on the lower back and is designed in a way to make the user forget it is even there. However, if the wearer begins to slouch the device will create a vibration gently reminding the user to sit up straight again. It also connects to an app that will wirelessly track the wearer’s motions and even show an avatar that mirrors all your movements.

This wearable tech is perfect for anyone struggling to keep a great posture. It allows you to better understand your posture while getting a helping hand in improving it.


7 CuteCircuit

Don’t worry fashion diva’s the world of technology has made its way to you as well! CuteCircuit is becoming the leader in wearable technology fashion and have an amazing clothing line in store for us.

The designers of CuteCircuit have taken ordinary clothes and turned them into wearable tech that literally lights up. The clothes are made from a smart textile fabric that allows it to react to their environment. Smart textile breaks down into two categories; aesthetic and performance enhancing. The aesthetic side will take in the heat and vibrations around the wearer and change the color of the clothes, while the performance enhancing side helps control the wearer’s body temperature and resist high winds. The best part is it’s all completely safe, you won’t have to worry about the clothes suddenly setting on fire at your parent’s dinner party.

At this time CuteCircuit has designed their clothes around an iPhone app that gives them control over their fashion line. For instance, their Pink&Black collection will change the color of the dress based off tweets. If the general public tweets #pink the dress will be pink, however if they tweet #black it will turn black.

6 iWatch

I’m sure by now we have all heard rumors about the iWatch, but what exactly do we know? Well as you may have already guessed this is no ordinary watch, its purpose is far greater than telling time. This watch will actually be fantastic tool for the health care world.

It is mainly focused around the ability to track a person’s general well-being. The sensors on this device picks up on vital information like the wearer’s heart rate, pulse, pressure, and so much more. The best part is a doctor can have access to all that information. That means if your vitals are hitting ridiculously high numbers not only will it alert you, but your doctor as well.

The iWatch will also be released with a new app called, “Healthbook” which will basically track all the information the watch collects and store it away in the app. This is a great way for the wearer to see how they are doing, and let them show their doctors as well.


5 Moto 360

We all remember Motorola, right? I sure hope so, because they are making a comeback with their new gadget, the Moto 360. The Moto 360 is a smart watch that looks so much like a regular watch it is nearly impossible to tell the difference.

What do we know about this watch so far? The most recognized feature we know of is its ability to receive notifications. If we have a calendar appointment the watch will set off a notification that will show up right on the face of the watch. It will also keep the wearer posted on social media updates, and anything else they find important.

The Moto 360 is put together with Google’s new Android Wear. That means the Moto 360 will also have voice control, which is great for the ease of access, but not so much for looking like you are talking to yourself.


4 Google Glass

Google Glass is all the rave right now, and with good reason. It is not only one of the most well-known wearable techs we have out there, but it provides a lot of resources.

This device sits at the top of our face like glasses, but allows instant access to the internet. The wearer will have a reliable connection to things like directions, recordings, translations, and basically anything you might find on Google itself. Since it is in the form of glasses all that information is easy to get a hold of and allows the wearer to continue on with important tasks. It will bring schools, museums, and guided tours to life as well. The ability to see a piece of artwork and instantly have more material come to you is an impressive feat, and it will benefit many places around the world. Google Glass will work with voice activation as well, creating a very hands-off application, perfect for anyone who multi-tasks.

3 i-Limb

Touch Bionics is the leading company in prosthetic technology and are most recently known for their i-Limb Ultra. This piece of wearable technology makes an amputees life just a little bit easier with a prosthetic arm that moves more realistically.

The i-Limb uses a unique software, Bioism, to give the prosthetic limb more control. It combines a vari-grip mode with a gesture selection ability that creates an arm that is capable of controlling its grip and grip strength. It uses electrical sensors to pick up on muscular movements made in the residual limb. Once the movements are made it gets translated to an on-board computer that creates a more natural and intuitive motion of the hand.

The i-Limb not only reacts more realistically, but is starting to look more realistic as well. It seems that someday soon we will see a prosthetic arm and not even know the difference between that of a real arm.


2 MC10

MC10, a research company in Cambridge, Massachusetts, is working on stretchable electronics. Currently they have a prototype of a stretchable patch that resembles that of a Band-Aid, however, this patch does a lot more than that.

This patch is meant to detect tremors, respiration, heart rate, and temperature. Doctors will be able to use that data to better understand certain disorders, like neuromuscular disorders. The patch is meant to provide drug therapy as well, but they aren’t to the point of testing it on humans just yet. The group did show how the patch will release a dye on some pig skin though.

The overall point of this patch is to create something that not only gives drug therapy to the user, but can monitor and track how they are doing. While it is still a prototype, it is already an impressive feat that will change the medical world as we know it.

1 Ring

Ring is, as you may have guessed, a ring. However, this seemingly ordinary piece of jewelry is one the most impressive wearable techs out there. Ring is an input device that will give the wearer more control over their world with simple gestures.

Ring can finalize payments by simply drawing a check mark in thin air, as well as turning on a light after drawing a lamp. Home appliances, text transmissions, both work in the same fashion. All the wearer has to do is draw a T.V. and it will turn on. It also includes an alert function through the use of vibrations and LED.


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