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Top Three Neoprene Sleeve Laptop Bags

Updated on March 1, 2010

Basics of Neoprene Sleeves

Getting a computer bag these days is extremely important as our notebooks become more and more expensive and delicate. These bags help protect them from weather or accidents. There are bags made of leather, even messenger style handbags, backpacks with laptop pouch and then there are the sleeves. I like sleeves because they're a cheap solution to the problem and I already have a backpack with a laptop pouch anyway, so I can combine the best of both worlds. Laptop sleeves are usually made of neoprene or similar water resistant materials.

They're basically just 2 sheets of waterproof material with a zip to close it all but I love mine I got from my girlfriend. I can take my notebook and write articles anywhere I want without having to worry about the weather, and it rains a lot where I live. If it starts pouring I simply close my netbook, it goes to suspend and I put it in the sleeve in 20 seconds, no damage done. There are three exciting versions of neoprene laptop sleeves I'd like to let you know about, all of them are of a different size so every laptop owner can pick the one they like.

Built Neoprene Laptop Sleeve
Built Neoprene Laptop Sleeve

Three Kings

10" league, protect your netbook.

Built Netbook Laptop Sleeve 7-10-Inch is a rather funky looking bag with its hourglass shape and living textures. The hourglass shape might seem like a design element but it's way more than that. The enforced corners help protect your notebook from damage if you accidentally drop it or you bump into someone in the crowd. It looks fabulous and I don't think anyone would have to be ashamed while taking this out in a coffee shop. If my girlfriend or a women I know would have a netbook I know what they'd get for their birthday. For $20 it is a great gift idea for geeky girls, and you know how hard it is to think of something to buy for them.

15" club, the desktop replacement

Everyone has a notebook of this size. If you don't somebody in your family or someone you know has. These are de-facto default size laptops, and with that amount of notebooks in use some of them are bound to suffer some damage a laptop sleeve could have prevented. Belkin, known for superior quality networking devices and computer accessories, has stepped up and made a laptop bag that's not expensive but gets the job done effectively, and is a looker too. It's called the Belkin 15.4 inch Neoprene Pixelated Sleeve and I absolutely love the way it looks. It caters for geeks with its hexagonal shapes on three different options of background color. I like black the best. It costs $19, and it's 19 dollars well spent on protecting your laptop and all your data inside it. This sleeve is made of 3 millimeters thick neoprene which will be enough to fend off the most serious spills or some light shocks. It's definitely a choice against scratches and dents.

17” Gamers and Professionals only

Belkin looks like to be on the roll, as they've made another case, this time for the 17" size. It's the Belkin Neoprene Notebook Sleeve for 17-Inch Laptop and it does what it says. For $30 you're pretty much safe of most of the damage a notebook can suffer, I still wouldn't put a $2000 worth gaming notebook in it and drop it from 5 feet just to check if it really protects it. If I had a laptop this big I'd definitely go for this simple looking, yet cheap and effective neoprene sleeve.


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