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Top Three Reasons To Own Microsoft Windows 7

Updated on September 14, 2016

Top Three Reasons To Own Windows 7

Have you purchased Microsoft's new operating system Windows 7? If you like the smooth, fast, solid performance of Windows XP, and the look and feel of Vista, you will simply love Windows 7. Here are the top three reasons why you should like Windows 7.

1. New Improved Desktop

One of most interesting designs that Microsoft came up with is the technology called Snaps. This is where if you need to resize your open windows, and stack them side by side or one above the other. If you open two windows, you go to the taskbar, right click on it, and choose either side by side or stacked. It is a great way to view mulitple windows, and be able to go from one to the other with ease.

2. Superior Taskbar

The improved Windows 7 taskbar is used to launch programs and also is used to switch between programs and windows. You can us the Pin feature where you can pin any program to the taskbar, and it will be one click away, instead of having over cluttered icon’s on the desktop. Another advantage to the Taskbar is the full thumbnail preview of the window when you put the cursor over the icon in the taskbar. The taskbar icons can be dragged and moved to where you want as well. If you click on the far right side to the right of the taskbar clock, it will instantly minimize all windows. You can also create your own quick launch toolbars as well.

3. HomeGroup

If you have a home network you usually will be sharing it with multiple computers. You probably will be using it to share printers and share files. HomeGroup is a new built in feature that sets up when you install Windows 7 on the first computer. All other computers that are setup after the first install is even easier to setup. You can specify what you want to share from each of the PC’s in the group. Sharing files is as easy as if you were sharing from one hard drive. You can save files one computer, and access them from another in one click.


These are only a few of the many new features that Windows 7 gives you. Windows XP was a great operating system, and Vista really improved on the look and feel of Windows in general. Windows 7 combines the best of both operating systems, giving you and easy to use product with an incredible look and experience.


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