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Top Best iPhone Apps you can't miss (The always updated list)

Updated on November 25, 2012
iPhone App Store
iPhone App Store

The iPhone (in all its versions) is one of the most successful smartphones up to date. Considering all the strong competitors are using Google Android OS, and other brands use Windows Phone or RIM, Apple has its very own environment with iOS 6.1.

The good thing about this, is that there's a lot of market to develop, and even if Android with the latest Jellybean launch is a great hit, Google isn't able to reach Apple in the Apps area.

So, if this is the first time you open your iPhone 5 (or 3GS, 4, 4S) and you want to know which apps you need to get started, or you just want to improve your iOS experience, you've come to the right place.

Here's a Top list of Apps you really want to try to didn't know you needed before, ordered by categories and with links to the app store in case you want to download them as soon as possible.

The iPhone App Store is a full eco-system supported by developers and buyers.
The iPhone App Store is a full eco-system supported by developers and buyers. | Source

Top Best iPhone Apps 2012

This list has been updated on August 2012. I'll do my best to update it every Q of the year or even more.

Feel free to leave your recommendations and opinions in the comments section. If you think I should add an App to the list, comment and let me know why you think it deserves to be on the list. I'll add it and all people will thank you for it.

Please note that iPod or iPad Apps are not being listed here, and even if many of them are compatible with the iPhone, I'll work on a separate list for them. So, let's begin! Shall we?

Safari makes a wonderful job, but sometimes we just need more alternatives.
Safari makes a wonderful job, but sometimes we just need more alternatives.

Internet Browsers

Safari (already included)

I don't think this one needs any introduction. Safari is the Default Browser on iOS and it's quite good. Pair it with your iCloud account and you'll be able to sync it with your Desktop or Laptop, sharing Bookmarks and reading lists right away. Safari deserves to be on the list as it works flawlessly on your iPhone.

Google Chrome

Google is giving Microsoft's IE and Mozilla Firefox a really hard time with Chrome. And I can't see why not. Chrome has been my favourite browser for the last 3 years and every day gets better. If you use it in your iPhone, you can sign in with your Google account and sync your bookmarks and open tabs, similar to what you can do with Safari, but this time without the need of iCloud. It will also remember and put available for you any Google service, like GMail, Adsense, Calendars, Drive and more. As a bonus, Chrome allows you to enable "incognito" browsing and Desktop version of any page directly on the App Menu.


Dolphin is an excellent browser for the iPhone or any Android device. This was my favourite before Google launched Chrome for iOS, and I still keep it installed in my phone. The way it renders and the way you can zoom and pinch, or use your finger to launch pages is very good. However, it can't match the way Safari works in this area.

Opera Mini

Opera Mini is still an alternative which allows you to customise a lot of settings and render pages according to different profiles. Opera allows you to reduce your consumed bandwidth and avoid loading images or videos unless you clic them.


Skyfire deserves honorific mention because it allows you to watch Flash videos - something you can't on Safari and many other iOS browsers. If you're addicted to Flash pages and there are no alternative HTML5 versions available, then Skyfire could save your day.

The iPhone can be a complete Social Media Center with the right apps.
The iPhone can be a complete Social Media Center with the right apps.

Communications and Social Media

WhatsaApp Messenger

Whatsapp is probably the most used app to message between different phones, including Blackberry, Android and iOS devices, it just works. With a minimum cost (and free for other devices), you'll be able to text message any of your contacts having the same app. Forget about pins or usernames. Just enter your phone number and a Nickname and you're ready to chat.


Do I really need to introduce this one? Facebook is the biggest Social Network with more than 900 million users, and they have just released a brand new App for iPhone that works faster and more fluid than before. You still can't share things and the experience isn't as complete as in a Desktop browser, but you have the basics covered.

Facebook Messenger

Considering many people use the Facebook messenger as their daily chat, Facebook released an independent app right for it. it's called Facebook messenger and it works better than the chat integrated in the Facebook App.


Twitter is the small brother of Facebook. SO if you want to tweet your thoughts, see who's following you and check the latest tweets right on your phone, you can't miss this app. I don't think there's more to say about Twitter.


Google's Social Network is still alive and many people are joining every single day. The interface has been updated to match Android's capabilities, and it works as expected. If you're a serious follower of Google, this app is a must for you.

Windows Live Messenger

Microsoft has been losing a lot of followers lately due to Social Networks. However, MSN Messenger is still one of the most used chat programs and they have an App for iOS too - Android has no Official app yet. Just download it and sign in with your Windows Live account and you're ready to go!


Pinterest has been creating some interesting exposure since 2012. Pinterest is a Social network based on images, which allows you to do what any other network does: Share information, Like it, Comment and Pin it. The whole point is that you can get better exposure with great images.


I can't think of a better service to make calls thought the internet. Skype has a lot of users and it's totally free. Just sign up and call any of your contacts with your iPhone without paying any extra penny. you can do phone calls and even use the camera to have a video conference right from your iPhone.

Evernote is a great app if you're always in a hurry.
Evernote is a great app if you're always in a hurry.

Productivity & Utilities

Reminders and Notes (integrated)

I'm giving those integrated Apps on the iOS an honorific mention since you can now sync them to all your computers with iCloud. Edit any not in your iPhone and see it on your PC at any time, or change your appointment on your PC and receive an alert on your iPhone when you arrive to your desired location.


Evernote is one of the best apps to increase your productivity. Evernote allows you to take notes, photos and images from any given document and upload it and sync it between different devices. If you're a busy man and love to make notes on a whiteboard or a paper but suffer to pass them to your PC, then Evernote is what you need. You can even dictate some notes or convert images to text - e.g. a Restaurant's menu - and read it later in text mode.


How many times have you arrived to your home without light, and you wish you could have a small source of light? Turn your iPhone's camera LED into a flashlight and solve your problem!


Any DO is an app that allows you to set some tasks and reminders (similar to Reminders app) and sync it between different devices. The user interface is pretty simple but elegant, and it will work for yo if you don't have a Macbook or iMac to work with iCloud.

Speed Test

Want to check your Internet's speed in Megabits? No problem. Launch Speed Test and check if your internet connection is working as expected or not. Just a reminder, beware of the Cat!

Adobe Reader

If you tend to work with PDFs in your business life, Adobe Reader is a must have. It allows you to open and read PDF documents and it works quite well on iOS. Just launch any document from your email or Finder and it will auto-detect it for you.


Simplenote allows you to create notes and sync them wherever you want. It's just another notes alternative, especially if you don't use iCloud to sync your notes.

Dragon Dictation

Not all of us can afford the iPhone 4S to use Siri. If you're one of us, then ry Dragon Dictation. This app allows you to dictate text messages, emails or even post directly to a Social network like Facebook or Twitter. This app is fairly accurate and will let you know if it finds any mistake.


My favourite Cloud storage service is Dropbox. Simply install Dropbox on any computer or mobile device and sync any image, video, folder or program between all your computers. It's as easy as Drag and Drop, and Dropbox also allows you to share public files to your friends or family or access your data directly from a browser.

Google Drive

Google Docs was upgraded to Google Drive some months ago. Google Drive allows you to sync any document in the cloud, with the difference that Google allows you to modify any document (excel, word, PPT) directly with their cloud service. If you don't want to use Dropbox or you're just looking for an alternative, Google Drive is for you.

Find my phone

This app is integrated by default on iOS 5 and newer versions. it allows you to track down and find your iPhone from another computer or mobile device to see where it is in case you've forgotten it or if it was stolen from you. Of course, this app needs your Phone to be turned on and have an internet connection, but who knows when you could find it useful.

Do you have an Apple TV? Then download Apple's Remote app and forget about your remote control.
Do you have an Apple TV? Then download Apple's Remote app and forget about your remote control.

Multimedia & Entertainment (Music, Photos and Video)

iTunes (integrated)

Of course, iTunes is the first app that comes to my mind to download music or movies. Being an Apple's service means you need to pay for it, but iTunes allows you to sync your files between any Apple device quite easily. If you have an iPod, or an Apple TV, iTunes is probably a must.


Apple's Remote App allows you to play music or videos from any computer or iDevice and use your mobile device as a remote controller. If you have an Apple TV, forget your included control and use your iPhone instead. It will be easier to write and move between the interface with your touch screen instead of the included control.


Do you want to know the name of that great song you're hearing on the bus? Instead of trying to memorise the lyrics, launch Shazam and allow it to recognise it for you. Within a few seconds, Shazam will display the song's name, author and even a link to buy it or watch a video on Youtube.


Netflix is one of the most popular services on the US to watch series and movies. Why not see them while you're bored on the BUS station or in your granny's house? Sign up and watch all the series right on your iPhone. You can even resume the chapter you were watching back in your home.


Instagram is a popular photo network which allows you to take photos, add some filters and share the with your friends. While using it could become monotonous, you can get some great shots too.

iBooks / Kindle

If you like to read books in your way to your job or you just want to sit down and keep reading your favourite novel without carrying a book, then consider downloading some Books from the iBooks Store or subscribing to Amazon's Kindle service. Remember: it's better to read and stimulate your imagination than watching TV all day long.

Pandora Radio

Pandora is an app that allows you to hear Radio Stations on your iPhone. Since iOS allows multi tasking, you can select your favourite Radio Station and leave it playing in the background while you send an email or browse your favourite webpage.


Pano allows you to make great panorama's from different photos easily. It can get pretty addictive, but it's worth the money.

Have you ever posted an article directly from your smartphone or Tablet?
Have you ever posted an article directly from your smartphone or Tablet?



Of course I had to start with Hubpages app. From here, you can check your stats, earnings, accolades and more. It definitely is a must for hubbers like you and me. Enough said.


If you have a Wordpress based blog (no matter if it is .org or .com) this app is for you. You can edit and publish new posts directly from the app, and you can also moderate comments, see your stats - with Jetpack - and even create new pages in a few minutes. Of course this isn't as complete as the PC browser version, but what else could you do on a 3.5 inches display?


The alternative from Wordpress is Blogger from Google. If you have an Adsense account and you have a free blog in blogger then this app is for you. You can edit your articles, check statistics and more.

Fishead Analytics

If ou have a blog, then you probably measure your traffic once every while. Google analytics is one of the most used services for this, and Fishead Analytics is an app that allows you to get all this information right to your iPhone. There are a lot more out there and while I haven't tested them all, Fishead Analytics UI is enough for my needs.

SPI Blog

If you're a blogger you should probably have heard about Pat Flynn and his Smart Passive Income Blog. Well, if you love to read it like me, then download his free app and check any new post or podcast directly on your iPhone without opening the browser. Also, remember you can create a shortcut from any page on Safari by exporting it from the menu.

Angry birds in all its versions is just addictive.
Angry birds in all its versions is just addictive.


Angry Birds (Space, Rio, Seasons and Original game)

No matter which version you play, angry birds can be a very addicting game if you want to kick some pig's ass. Angry Birds is probably the most popular game for mobile devices and you can play a free demo on your iPhone for free before buying it.

Infinity blade / Infinity Blade II

Infinity Blade franchise from Epic Games is probable the game with better graphics in iOS. If you haven't tried it, you really should. You'll never know the power of a graphic engine until you play it in your iPhone or iPad. It just shows the wonders you can achieve with a good code team.

Feed me Oil

Feed me Oil is a weird game where you need to feed oil to the earth. It's good decent graphics and a very nice music set. In will make you think very hard in some levels to solve the puzzles, but you can solve it your own way, as long as you're creative.


Steam isn't a game, but it's one of the biggest online game vendors for PC. I recommend having Steam's app installed on your iPhone to catch up the offers and new games any time (and then download them on your PC).

Physics Box

Physics Box is a very simple but addicting game set. It's all based on physics and throwing things to destroy other things... you know... Try it and let me know your opinion or let your recommended game in your comment.

Logos Quiz

LogoQuiz can be an addictive game that stimulates your memory by asking you the name of many popular brands based on their (incomplete) logos. Anything from MC Donalds to an unknown shampoo brand can be on the challenge.

Pig Rush

This game is simple and so addictive. Help Piggy jump through the levels as long as possible and achieve the best score. You can get some wings and extra life on the go, and upload your results to the Internet to challenge other people.

Cut the Rope / Experiments

Along with Angry birds, Cut the Rope is one of the best and more addictive Games for the iPhone. It consist on feeding a small animal with candies, but some levels can really puzzle your brain. There's a Christmas edition and the newest Experiments edition, where you will struggle to pass different scenarios with different tools at your hand.

Flipboard makes your news look a lot better!
Flipboard makes your news look a lot better!



Flipboard introduces a very interesting way to read news or your favourite websites. just sign in and add the sites from the list. Every time you want to read another new, you just need to "Flip" the page over and keep reading.

Google Currents

It seems Google tries to be anywhere, and Currents is one of its latest services, which allows you to follow your favourite websites and read all of them within the same app. the UI isn't as good or appealing as Flipboard, but it's worth a try.

Organize your following trip and trace the best route directly from your iPhone.
Organize your following trip and trace the best route directly from your iPhone.


Google Maps / Maps (iOS 6 - integrated)

Google Maps is one of the best GPS services out there, allowing you to look for an address, look for a store or any other place and trace a route to arrive to it. In iOS 6, Google Maps is gone, but Apple is replacing it with Tom tom Maps, and while I still think they have a long way to go, it works as expected.

Google+ Local

Local allows you to check different places saved from Google Maps, and search for Restaurants, Gas Stations, Hotels and More near to you.


Kayak is my favourite app to check prices and buy airplane tickets or make Hotel reservations. It also allows me to check the price and compare between different airlines and possibilities.


Waze is a GPS Social network that allows you to trace a route and see if there's traffic, cops, pave and more based on what other users report. Additionally, you can see other people driving around and chat with them with your own profile, or even check the average street n a crowded street in real time. iOS 6 integrates this feature right on Apple Maps.


Are you looking for a nice place to eat while you visit the downtown? Yelp has probably a great recommendation for you. By leaving your feedback, Yelp allows other people to find the best places to eat and enjoy a good meal. And it's getting better and better integration to mobile OSes like iOS.

I'm still waiting for the day we can pay our shopping cart with Google Wallet.
I'm still waiting for the day we can pay our shopping cart with Google Wallet.



eBay is one of the biggest trading site on the web. It doesn't matter if you're looking for a brand new car or just for an old used phone. You can probably find everything at eBay.

Amazon Mobile

Amazon is the biggest book store in the world, but it sells much more than that. Download its app and browse through millions of products to buy, including digital books and music right from your iPhone.


If there's an easy and safe way to send money, that is Paypal. By registering and using an email address, you can send money to everyone without going though banks, passwords, account numbers and all that stuff. Having it in your iPhone makes it even easier, but beware of virus and spyware programs to avoid any catastrophe.

Want to get more?

If you're thinking on getting a new 7 inch Tablet read this great guide on my new blog.

Leave your favorite App in your comment and tell us why you think it deserves to be on the list. If you've got a point, I'll add it to the list.

Also, stay in track as I'll be working on the Best Apps for: iPad, Android and more.

See you soon!


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