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Computer literacy in kids

Updated on February 21, 2011

Gone are the days when computer literacy was acquired only in the classroom and kids had to rely on external CD’s or classroom coaching for it. Today kids often know more than their teachers do, is this kind of knowledge however dangerous? Becoming computer literate is important but the kids also have to know what is appropriate and what is not.

Kids should be exposed to the right websites, ensure that you educate them about search engines specifically for them such as ask kids which will ensure they don’t get exposed to adult or inappropriate content. It is important to ensure that the child will be learning from websites which are well rated and acclaimed by users.

Ensure that your child is not continually sitting with the computer. It is important to ensure that kids also get ample physical exercise. These days technology is addictive to the point of making kids uninterested in any other activities.  Ensure that your child gets plenty of outside air and restrict their hours on the computer or the internet.

Games online are another major attraction. It is important to ensure that the games they play online are age appropriate. These days many games have violent and adult depictions. Ensure that they are not exposed to such content. Games appropriate to their age and also educational ones can be obtained if you know the right websites.

Make sure your child talks to someone about their computer classes. These days most of them learn the vast majority of information on their own. Teach them to learn from good websites which help them to improve their skills and their abilities rather than just wasting time online on other pursuits. Keep an eye on their activities and restrict adult sites using appropriate software.

In the age of iphones and android technology regulating internet usage and exposure in kids becomes complex. However you can certainly determine at what age your child is capable of using and getting access to such sophisticated items. Make sure they are responsible enough to not misuse technology and learning aids.

Constant communication only via email and chat should be discouraged. Encourage your kids to write a snail mail to grandparents or to have pen friends. This will develop their skills to communicate in a manner which is not as distant or disconnected.


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