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TouchPico: A Revolutionary Projector Device

Updated on August 18, 2017
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TouchPico, created by TouchJet, is an advanced technology that converts any surface or screen into a big sharing display.

It is an interactive Android device which has projected touch interface and offers wireless streaming. It plays Android apps and display them with 854 x 480 pixel or 80 inch appearance on any wall and it works with a unique stylus.

TouchPico is a multipurpose tool and it offers following facilities to the users:

1. Projection: 80 inch appearance or 854 x 480 pixel display
2. Interaction: Stylus is used to touch the wall as in case of a touchscreen. Projector has infrared camera to read the motion of the stylus
3. Two way interactive communication: It allows projection of interactive sessions also similar to Skype
4. Works fine with almost all Android Apps: TouchPico can be used to run on many Android apps like games, videos, power point etc.

This hand sized mini projector is easy to use by children, adults, business people, gaming enthusiasts, and so on.


  • It consists of HDMI inputs and output audio ports for better use on laptops, gaming console or phones.
  • It has in-built Wi-Fi with Android’s Screencast technology.
  • TouchPico runs on normal AC source.
  • High tech Infrared detection technology is used for capturing the movements of stylus and hence controlling and interacting the projected image.
  • Portable
  • Pocket Sized
  • Integrated Wi-Fi
  • Android 4.0
  • Wireless mouse
  • SD memory card

With such amazing device you can actually forget about the high priced and heavy projectors for business or personal purposes. It is very creative to use for an interactive session with kids or at schools for education purposes. You can project the whiteboard on any surface and share your imaginations instantly. It can also be used for entertainment like for gaming or movies or exercise. All you will have to do is project it on any surface and start enjoying your favorite game or movie or video. Games like Fruit Ninja and angry birds can be played with much ease and comfort on large screen.

This device is available for approx $300 which is very reasonable compared to the prices of other projectors in the market and it is far more convenient for every use.

Enjoy this new product from TouchJet and mention your reviews and experience in comments.

© 2017 Sonal


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