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Tracfone Minute Review How to get the Best Deal on Tracfone Minutes

Updated on July 11, 2011

Buying and Using Tracfone Minutes

I have a couple recommendations on how to buy Pay as you go Tracfone Minutes.

You may purchase Track Phone cards anywhere such as Safeway, Wal-Mart, Staples, or K-Mart but I would suggest buying the cards at the web site for a couple of reasons.

Don't Buy TracFone Minutes Cards

Often at the Tracfone web site you can buy a phone and receive more minutes than if you purchase only a card. There is a special that Tracfone has run several times where for $20 you get two $20 phone cards and a free refurbished phone. If available is only in the Buy Phones section. If you are in the buy airtime section of the site you will always pay full price for the phone cards.

If you buy Minutes directly from the best deal is to purchase the $79.99 minute card for 900 minutes.

Bluetooth Tracfone W376g

Motorola W376 Bluetooth phone from Tracfone.
Motorola W376 Bluetooth phone from Tracfone.

Do Not Activate a lot of Units on your Tracfone

I do not recommend putting too many TracFone Minutes on your phone for a couple of reasons. If your phone is lost, stolen or broken it is hard to get all of your stolen minutes on a new phone from Tracfone. For me when I have lots of minutes on a phone I use up a lot more minutes.

Do not buy the Tracfone One Year Plan

I do not feel the One Year Tracfone Plan is a good deal. Again if your phone is lost or stolen you will have a hassle getting Tracfone customer service to transfer your minutes and service time to your new phone.

If you use Tracfone Bonus codes and purchase your minutes on special you can get more activation time and or TracFone Minutes with the money than you get with the one year plan.

Always Buy a Tracfone with DMFL

Buy The Doubler Card on the phone, even if you only talk for 100-200 minutes per month you are still better off only buying a Tracfone with the DMFL (double minutes for life card included. The DMFL card will usually cost you $50 but when you purchase the Motorola W370 with doubler for $50, you will get the doubler for free. If you live in CDMA territory then you will be able to buy the LG 3280 with DMFL for $50.

If you are absolutely certain you will use no more than 70 minutes per month you might purchase one of the Tracfones without the DMFL. In most cases you are way better off spending a little bit more on a phone with the DMFL (double minutes for life).

Tracfone Bluetooth

There are a couple of new phones with Bluetooth being offered by Tracfone. The Motorola W376g and the LG 600g. The Bluetooth capability is very limited. I was able to pair my phone with an Acura but the phone would not answer or make calls. Apparently the bluetooth will work with a headset and that is all.

Here is a Review of the Bluetooth Tracfone W376g





Motorola Razr and Tracrfone W370

Motorola Razr next to the Motorola W370 from Tracfone.
Motorola Razr next to the Motorola W370 from Tracfone.

Moto W376, W370, LG 225, Lg 3280 with DMFL

The Moto W370, Motorola W376, Lg cg225, LG 3280 phones now can be bought with DMFL (double minutes for life). These are all the nicest phones available from Tracfone. Usually the price is the same as you will pay to add DMFL to your current phone. I recommend you buy the latest phone with DMFL included.

Are You Using more than 400 Tracfone Minutes per Month?

If you will use over 400 minutes per month look closely at maybe getting a contract phone from Verizon, Cingular, T-Mobile. The critical thing about buying a Contract Cell Phone is that you are with the carrier as most of your friends that you talk with regularly. My son often talks over 1000 minutes most months but has never gone over his 450 minutes because all of his friends are on Verizon and he has the free "In Network" calling.

Motorola C261 from Tracfone

Tracfone Motorola C261 Camera Phone.  This is a very inexpensive candy bar style phone that works well.
Tracfone Motorola C261 Camera Phone. This is a very inexpensive candy bar style phone that works well.


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    • profile image

      Nicki 2 years ago

      They'll still your minutes from you!!!! Watch out!!!!

    • profile image

      AndersonShawnP 3 years ago

      I was a South Western Bell customer back in the 80's. Every month the bill was different. If the phone auto dialed you could loose your shirt. I swapped to Tracfone and have never looked back. The phone used to be lame but they have some good choices now. Maybe you can't get the latest $500.00 phone but you can get an android and load it with aps. They have a tripple minute plan now and if you buy the cheapest air time card follow through to check out and you can add minutes at the bottom left part of the screen. These minutes do not include the added days you just get minutes. These minutes are cheaper than the minutes with days option. So if you add 30 minutes and it is trippled its a pretty good deal.

    • Sky Weatherly profile image

      Sky Weatherly 3 years ago

      This year, 2014, you can get a smart phone and one year air and minutes for $80 at . I think that is home shopping network.

    • profile image

      Johnf88 3 years ago

      Im grateful for the blog article.Much thanks again. Cool. egfgececfakk

    • profile image

      s O n 4 years ago

      h i, my mom needs the most minutes available for only

      $ 50

    • profile image

      notjon 4 years ago

      Hey Jon, your an asshole! Not everybody wants to steal your phone! You think just because someone works at a fast food restaurant they are a thief? Those people were nice enough to call and tell your retarded wife that she left her phone there and all you can do is say that if it wasn't a cheap phone they wouldn't have returned it. Hey Jon, go f*@k yourself!

    • profile image

      betty 5 years ago

      i have a tracfone but dont have my minute of4months

    • profile image

      LJ 5 years ago

      I took RickC's advice and just found a great deal--reconditioned tracfone and 60 minute air time card for $19.99 and free shipping too! Fantastic deal--sure beats paying $19.88 for just the card at Walmart! Thanks RickC!

    • profile image

      XYZ 5 years ago

      Just like xsfharley, I want to buy minutes only. When I first got the LG500, I got the 1 year activation card (over a year ago), thereafter as I've been adding minutes which come with even more airtime, I have about 2 more years to go. I want minutes ONLY. Does anyone know how to go around this? Thus far I've navigated their website and not a clue to imply that it can be done.

      If not, I'll probably just switch to one of the other prepaid like boost or something. I hate the idea of being tied down, especially when the reception is so muffled. I have to play detective with every conversation and try to decipher what people are actually saying. I had switched from Sprint who was basically robbing me without a gun, but to hell with it, Tracfone isn't the only prepaid out there, besides, I hate babysitting my minute countdown. You can't have a nice long talk with anyone, because you're constantly worrying about the minutes, and as I said, receptions is not great. It's OK I guess, but if I can't find a way to buy minutes alone, I'm walking.

    • profile image

      jon 6 years ago

      my wife left her tracfone at a fast-food restaurant recently and when the employees found it and realized they couldn't use it for unlimited calling because it only had a set number of minutes left, they called us to come and get it! try that with an unlimited use 'smartphone' and let me know if you ever see your phone again! tracfone keeps our costs down and has great coverage all over the US. been using it for 6 yrs.

    • profile image

      HILDA 6 years ago


    • profile image

      TT 6 years ago


    • profile image

      peggy 6 years ago

      I,m visiting with my daughter in another state. We have shopped around and can't find any TRACPHONE cards with minutes only to purchase. Can you help me out?

    • profile image

      janet2 6 years ago

      i have long given up trying to see sense in a contract. lucky me, i switched to prepaid, even better i switched to prepaid with tracfone. i do now feel in charge of my cellphone spendings, i finally know exactly what i am being charged for every month. the minutes i spend on the phone. that is all. no overages or extra charges for nothing, not even for long distance or overseas calls. all the same. and yeah with the double minutes for life that tracfone offers they are definitely the cheapest provider around

    • profile image

      Laura 6 years ago

      Tracfone is so affordable. It has made it so easy for my family and I to talk on the phone without breaking the bank. I love that i can buy airtime anywhere anytime i want.

    • profile image

      Lizzy 7 years ago

      Why isn't there any unlimited minute plan options??? Is there one somewhere that I cannot find? This really sucks. It seems like an endless money trap. I just don't have the money for this unless there is an unlimited minute plan that i am not aware of. Thank you.

    • profile image

      LB 7 years ago

      Anyone got a good deal on tracfone min.

    • profile image

      Swellen 7 years ago

      Man I cannot say this enough to my family and friends; whatever you do when looking at a tracfone, make doubly sure that what you're looking at getting includes double minutes for life. This feature alone makes tracfoe's rates brilliant. Without the feature - bad. The nice thing is that many of the phones being sold by tracfone at the moment already come with DMFL, so you don't have to worry about paying another $25 to get the feature on the side.

    • profile image

      Fred Linker 7 years ago

      Been Tracfone Coustmer For 2 Years Know Problems Yet

      Guess They Got Lemmon Fone's Stop Complaining & Enjoy

      The Savings.1 Year Of Severice 400 Minutes Card $100.00

      $19.98 4 Fone Is The Way 2 Go!!! {Killer Deal} Some People

      Just Like To Complain. We'll Se When You Are Unemployed

    • profile image

      xsfharley 7 years ago

      how do you buy minutes only??....I have bought so many cards that my contract expires in 2014...I don't need any more contact time but need the minutes only. Can this be done?????????????

    • profile image

      Sassy00 7 years ago

      Tracfone currently has an amazing deal which is perfect for x-mas for the kids, Simply Wireless (home shopping Network) has a Black Friday Promo on a Samsung T301 @69.99 with 400 minutes included and if you buy one you get one free.

    • profile image

      Julia Jones 7 years ago

      I think the phones offered on the Tracfone prepaid service are just great. They're nothing special but do the job and for the price and flexibility are a pretty sweet deal. Perfect for my needs!

    • profile image

      fit4ever 7 years ago

      Othello, with you on this one. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, so I'll express mine. Total convenience and great plans for those with lower usage needs. With the minutes value plan I can even call internationally directly from the Tracfone at no extra cost. There are some really good deals for this holiday season as well. On Black Friday, Sears will sell the LG290 and Samsung T301 for only $14.99. If you add one of the value plans to this, you got a great gift for under $50. And, the best part, no contract required.

    • profile image

      Othello 7 years ago

      Nothing exceeds normal phones like tracfone. With tracfone you get great service and great rates. Those talking smack on here have no idea what they are talking about. I have been with tracfone for a while and the service is good!

    • profile image

      MCohen 7 years ago

      I really like the service. The value is amazing. I have a double minutes phone and it cuts the cost in half. And no contract either. Great coverage too. Cool!

    • profile image

      emibabii 7 years ago

      tracfone freakin sucks. the phones are horrible and you get like no minutes. not to mention they're slow and jip you of minutes when the message fails to send and when you get someones voicemail. they may be good for all you anti-social people out there, but im a social person!! i need something better like verizon :)

    • profile image

      llll 8 years ago

      i love tracfones

    • profile image

      best tracfone promos 9 years ago is all you need for up to date tracfone promo codes. Updated daily, checked weekly. New codes added constantly. This is where everyone else goes for new promos.

    • profile image

      Paige 9 years ago

      i think that you or your company should have cooler tracphones. i have a tracphone and there aint very good ones. you should have a cool slide camera phone as a tracphone!!!!

    • profile image

      la la!!!!! 9 years ago

      HEY YO!!!!!

    • profile image

      Prepaid Cell Phone Guy 9 years ago

      I have bought a few Tracfone two fers, I wish they would come out with them again. I have bought some of the Net10 two fers. The Nokia 1600 with 300 minute card. 600 minutes for $30 is the unbeatable deal.