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Transparent Proxy – Unrestricted Journey Through Web

Updated on May 8, 2013

In today’s times of high confidentiality and discretion, people need proxy tools a lot of times. Using proxies helps increasing safety of web connections and improving internet speed along with providing anonymity to the user. However, while using this proxy, the user is required to specify the location of the web proxy to the web browser. This can be avoided if the user uses a transparent proxy.

When the user uses a transparent proxy, he doesn’t need to tell anything to the web browser, thus all web traffic goes through the proxy server. Therefore, the user uses a proxy server which doesn’t appear like it is there.


Is there any advantage of using transparent proxy? Yes, certainly there is.

One of the major benefits is it offers the user higher band width and decrease in latency of transmission which eventually improves service quality. E.g. if the user has visited a page before after dragging the file online, next time when he will open the same file, the process will be faster because of the infrastructure of transparent proxy.

Another advantage of transparent proxy is it requires caching the network which should be accepted by other network services too. Because of this regular use of cache, browsing quality is enhanced a lot which is beneficial for the user. Thereby the user can easily add the webpage in the favorite’s list which they want to visit again and again, which in normal conditions take a considerably long time to load because of the many possible blockages on the network.

It is also an advantage that while using transparent proxy, the refreshing of the browser is done quickly. User can just click control + refresh buttons on the keyboard or refresh + shift buttons in Netscape and that’s it!

One more benefit is user can allocate his traffic to go out other ways besides the default, without requiring to make use of load-balancing software or BGP.

Difference between Regular and Transparent Proxy

Regarding functions, both types of proxies are same to the user. The only major difference is for transparent proxy, the user doesn’t need to do any network setting or configuration of the HTTP traffic, because the network infrastructure of transparent proxy that is made as a component of all the port traffic has to go through the network.


There are some disadvantages of transparent proxy.

One is when the proxy is down, setting up a backup is truly difficult. Rather, it is even worse than the cache going down without cutting out totally.

Other drawback is some websites don’t cache well and then you may face problems while trying to access them.

Of course, in such cases, the tried and tested method of using proxy sites is always open.


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