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Trends of Digital Marketing 2020

Updated on June 3, 2020
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I am @DeepakKharbanda. I have joined Pepperdine University to complete the Masters in Business Administration (MBA) program. I am also now

2019 was the busy era of for the marketers. Each and every marketer was busy to flooding the marketing about what will be the new trends of digital marketing in 2020. In this modern era internet has transformed the way we view and experienced the world.

Basically, its 2020 and a new decade of digital marketing. In this digital era of 2020 we will explore some trends of digital marketing which will help the marketers to adopt this Digital Marketing tactics.

Here are the marketing trends to keep an eye on this year.


Chatbots will play an important part in digital marketing in 2020. This AI-based technology uses to get instant messaging and can do chat in real-time, day or night, with your customers or site visitors.

Most of the brands come up with an idea of chatbots on their websites. In this digital era chatbots help to lead the conversational marketing revolution. Basically, chatbots have the ability to engage with prospects and customers assemble as possible.


In many decades video marketing was not common in the marketing field. But for now, in 2020 it's becoming an important part of digital marketing and plays a very essential role in the digital world.

Now, videos have become the most popular way to advertise your products. Not only that customers want to learn about new products through video marketing. But don’t think that YouTube is just a way to upload the videos no, because there are plenty of ways to engage the customers with your video you can post a video on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, and many other platforms. One more feature is that you can start the live broadcast on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube


Social Media apps like Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp are no longer just to transfer the messages with friends and family. Trends have changed because these apps are converting popular ways for businesses to communicate with their customers. Facebook Messenger sees over 10 billion messages transferred between individuals and businesses each month.

Messaging apps are popular for businesses because customers find it convenient and accessible to have direct contact with companies. Also, it allows for extremely personalized marketing, which we already know people love


Visual search is also playing a vital role in the digital era. This trend can take the user experience on a new level.

This visual helps people to find a more reliable result. It operates like people will upload the image or URL of the image on google image search so they will get the specific and desired result.


In 2020 the most trending marketing is influencer marketing. Nowadays, social media is managed by influencers who are getting paid excessive amounts to promote brands.

The selection of this trend can be seen from both prospects. One can be seen by the number of influencers on social media. Second can be seen as an increase in marketing spend on influencer marketing by businesses.

Investing in influencers is much cheaper than running paid ad campaigns and it delivers good results. Moreover, influencers can help marketers to accomplish a variety of marketing goals. These are the two main motives why it has become so successful and, it is continuously getting more active.


Most of the companies have the portion of a paid advertisement for different platforms it’s important for paid advertising in 2020 and, it helps the companies to meet your customers where they already are. Through social media analytics and engagement rates, you can instantly determine potential paths for paid advertising.

Most of the users spend time and interacting with short videos and stories like TikTok and Snapchat. It could be worth investing in it. Allocate a small portion of your paid advertising budget to explore and test relevant sources that could help meet you where your buyers spend time.


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