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Trends of wireless technology

Updated on June 1, 2011

Wireless technology is widely used broadly in our life. There are lots of trends of wireless technology in our daily life. Some of the trends of wireless technology are given below:

  • Telecommunication: Mobile phones are one of the best and handy communicating devices. Those are used for voice communicating, message passing, internet, video etc. Mobile phones are communicating among each other wirelessly.
  • Communication: E-mails and mobile phones are widely used. All things are done through wirelessly.
  • Car parking and road traffic: In this modern world, maintaining road traffic or car parking is an important factor. CC camera, different color signal, roadmap and smart AI software or program etc. can be used for car parking or road traffic maintaining. Communication among these devices is used wirelessly.
  • Medical science: To measure plus rate of vein or blood pressure among several parts of human body etc. depends on several factors. Several data are collected and then combined all together for final result and here several sensors are used. All communication through these is wirelessly.
  • Critical issues adaptability: Fire safety, flood safety etc. issues are highly dependent on several data factors. Data is collected wirelessly by using sensors, AI programs, automated system ect.

There are lots of other trends of wireless technology. Here, I just mentioned some of the best trends of wireless technology.

© Written by rancidTaste

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