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Trendsmap Twitter Power Tool

Updated on June 8, 2010

Top New Twitter Tools – Trendsmap

There are just too many ways to use Twitter. You can use it to keep connected with friends. You can use it to keep connected with colleagues. You can use it to get up to date news stories. You can use it to get great deals and coupons from your favorite companies. You can even use it to get investing information and research ideas. And, you can even use it to find the stupidest YouTube videos ever.

Twitter can do this all without you ever having to lift a finger and search out your own dog pooping while hitting a guy in the nuts while his ex-girlfriend lights his car on fire while calling 911 and both of their moms are wrestling in Jello in the background video.

Trendsmap Screenshot

Twitter Feed Overload

Unfortunately, having access to all these different kinds of information from all different kinds of sources can easily lead to Twitter overload. Numerous Twitter clients and managers have popped up to help users deal with all of the incoming data. But, even with a carefully configured console, it can be easy to miss something new, something different, or something important. With so much information already coming at the average Twitter user, noticing something that isn’t already “on the list” can be tough.


Trendsmap helps address the problem of Twitter overload by providing a quick visual way to locate and observe ongoing Twitter activity.

Trendsmap provides a map of Twitter activity by keyword. Larger keywords indicate more Twitter activity. At a glance, the user can determine which topics are huge right now, and also see which ones are on the rise. This isn’t new functionality.

What Trendsmap brings to the table is a way to localize this information. Displayed in the form of a topographical map, Trendsmap harnesses the information from What The Trend and then overlays it on a map. By default, the map shows the whole United States, but it can be moved and zoomed to show other countries, or just your state, or even just your city. (Warning, it might make your city seem less important when you realize how few of the BIG words are coming from your town.)

With this kind of display, a user interested in what is going on the country can see at a glance what is happening now and how much people are tweeting about it. The many non-map based tools handle this fairly well, however.

However, a user wondering what is fun in Denver, can zoom in and see what might otherwise be lost in the shuffle. Offers for free coffee, local bands performing at local venues, books signings, political events, and more that would all normally be difficult if impossible to find among the noise of the rest of the Twittering world, suddenly come into clear few.

The best part is that Trendsmap is just a regular old JavaScript application so you don’t have to load down your computer’s memory with some Adobe Air requiring program or some bloated Silverlight application.

In the end, Trendsmap may be the Twitter user’s best friend for find what is new and hot around their hometown, home state, home country, and even the world.

(How over the top was that last sentence J )


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