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Nite Tritium GlowRing

Updated on February 5, 2013

If you are finding Nite Tritium GlowRing product review, you have come to the right place. We simply acquire only excellent quality of Nite Tritium GlowRing pic, information and reviews for our hubbers to benefit from. So continue reading to find out how epic this product is!

The Nite GlowRing is indeed an awesome glow-in-the-dark gadget any outdoor enthusiast should have!

Tritium, the main source of energy of the glowring, was originally used during the Cold War, to provide emergency illumination for submarines.

Actual Live picture!
Actual Live picture!

What are Nite GlowRings?

Nite GlowRings are laser enclosed in borosillicate glass tubes which are layered with phosphor injected gas, otherwise known as Tritium. This gas (Tritium) reacts with phosphor to produce a cold energy which induces a strong level of light source without any source of heat elements. Amazing right?

Not to mention, these GlowRings are not affected by surrounding temperature, atmospheric conditions and best of all, it does not need any power source to function as a GlowRing, making it the most maintainance-free gadget which has a span of life of more than 10 Years!

Available in Green, Ice Blue and Pink
Available in Green, Ice Blue and Pink


  • Constant glow for a period of over 10 years!
  • Waterproof up to a depth of 30m!
  • Visibility Range : 30 Ft
  • Armoured-Tough Polycarbonate Case
  • Displayed in a nice sealed, ecstatic packaging

Nite Glowrings used as Pet Collars!
Nite Glowrings used as Pet Collars!

Here are some Practical Uses we have found

  • Locating your keys in an area with insufficient light
  • Finding keys in your handbags
  • Retrieving stuff easily
  • Useful as emergency lighting outdoors
  • Find keyholes for badly lit doors at night using its glow!
  • Used on pets' collars
  • Light pull in bathrooms
  • Can be used during Night events
  • Hooked up on camping gear such as tents, survival knife etc.
  • Hooked up to tent zips
  • Attached to fishing gears

These are just some examples of what Nite GlowRings can be used as. One glowring is never enough! As long as you need some sort of a marking to help you see in the dark, these Nite GlowRings will do a great job in it. Unlike other glow products, such as the NiteStik, you need to charge it under the sun, before you can get the glow effect, which could only last for a few hours before you need to recharge it again. With your Nite GlowRing, you can be assured to have constant glow companion for many good years to come....Most definitely!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the GlowRing safe to use?
Absolutely, otherwise it won't be a commercial product!

Will the GlowRing last for 10 years?
Indeed, we don't just say it. We proof it. In fact, if handled with care, it can even last up till 20 years! That's amazing!

Is the GlowRing water resistant?
Water-proof to a depth of 30m. So you can take it underwater when you go diving in the deep sea.


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