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Troubleshooting Windows 7 Slow Internet

Updated on February 29, 2012

Windows 7 is the newest operating system from Microsoft. It has the latest in coding technology to bring the user closer interaction with the computer more than ever. Although, a window 7 has the newest in technology it is not without its problems. The internet is probably the number one complaint I get from windows 7 users.

Many of the issues related to the internet explorer can be caused by a few different options. From windows errors, Tool bars, add-ins, internet websites, virus/malware and others. Each of them can be resolved with a little patience and the right tools.

1. Tool Bars:

Third part toolbars are one reason that internet explorer or any browser on your windows 7 machine is running slowly. These browser tool bars provide certain functionalities that people find useful at the time. This is inherent when you add a MacAfee tool bar to scan live websites. But, unfortunately, when you start getting to many on the screen then it gets harder for the browser to communicate with them all. SO, reducing the use to either one tool bar or just using the default search boxes can resolve a lot of slowness issues with your browser.

2. Add-ons:

Add-ons are another reason why your browser could be running slow. There are tons of add-ons out there, and they usually come in the form of either a program install or a website asking you to download specific content. They are useful in one instance because a lot of websites use flash, for example. This allows web page programmers to enhance your online experience. But, there are many that are installed with free games for example, that are just garbage and you will only ever use it once. On top of that, many of the add-ons like wild tangent are used to populate ads up on your machine, which can be a security risk. So, look at your browsers add-ons and remove, disable or allow them to run.

3. Browser Cache

Over a period of time, browsers get slower as their Cache gets higher. All browsers in general work the same way they send a request out to a website say a news site for example, and place that page on your hard disk and display it for you. Now with the constant update of a news site, the browser will then go back in five minutes and request the same page. But, since that page is now different they have to download a new copy to display it. Over time, we download hundreds of WebPages weather we realize it or not and all this can be built up, and as the computer has to search for a similar or newer page it will slow it down. This can be overcome with just regular maintenance on cleaning out the browser cache of your browser of choice.

4. Virus/Malware

With the constant security risk of a virus or malware infection, people need to have an active virus scan and firewall on their machine all the time. This can significantly reduce the chances of you getting a virus on your computer. Although not always 100% nothing ever is it will protect you against known threats. But, if you start to experience slowdowns online, see random popup, browser error messages than most likely you have some type of virus or malware on your computer. This will cause your internet to run extremely slow. So, use a product like a free online virus scan in case your local one is disabled. Also, run a malware scan and make sure there is no malware on the computer. A good one to use would be malewarebytes which is a free scanner to use.

The next possible problem may not be with your computer at all it may actually be with your local ISP. So, always contact them as well if none of the other options above have solved your issue. It is always possible that you may have degradation in your signal or too much noise on the line. So, always check with your ISP to make sure you are getting the speeds and quality of service that you are expected to receive.


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