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Trucks may deliver robots to your door

Updated on September 20, 2012

In the future, a truck like the one in the illustration above may deliver robots to your door.

We are all familiar with the mailman coming to our door to deliver mail, and salesmen coming to our door to deliver advertisements, but in the future, robots may replace these traditional door-to-door occupations. In the future, a robot mounted on wheels may drive up and down the sidewalk, reach out with a mechanical hand, and put letters and packages in people's mailboxes. If you live in an apartment building, there may be vending-machine robots driving up and down the hallways, selling you things. Robot washing machines may come to your door on wheels if you don't have a washing machine. If there's a fire in your apartment building, a fire-fighting robot mounted on wheels may travel down the hallway, automatically spraying hot spots with it's built-in fire extinguisher, it may even have a built-in oxygen mask.

In the illustration above, the back door of the truck is being opened.

If you live in an apartment building, the landlord or apartment manager may advise you to empty your trash on a certain day of the week, for example, they may tell you that trash day is Friday, because a truck comes with robots every Friday, and robots pick up the trash.

In the illustration above, a ramp has been extended from the back of the truck.

The landlord or apartment manager may designate part of the apartment building's parking lot as a parking place for robot delivery trucks.

The illustration above shows robots leaving the truck by driving down the truck's ramp.

After the truck is parked in the apartment building's parking lot, the rear door of the truck is opened and a ramp extends from the rear of the truck. A group of robots leaves the truck by driving down the ramp. These robots, mounted on their own wheels, can enter the apartment building and can drive through the hallways of the apartment building. If you live in a multi-story apartment building, the robots will reach the upper floors by going into the elevator.

The illustration above shows a vending-machine robot traveling down the hallway of an apartment building.

Vending machine robots will travel up and down the hallways of apartment buildings, selling various items for the convenience of apartment dwellers. They will sell everything from postage stamps to cell phones. If you have bugs in your apartment, a vending machine robot may sell you a can of aerosol bug spray.

Above: Fire-fighting robot.

The illustration above shows a fire-fighting robot, equipped with nozzles that act as fire extinguishers. A robot like this may be permanently stationed in a closet in the apartment building, and it would be automatically activated in an emergency.

Above: A fire-fighting robot provides an air mask to the victim of a fire.

In an fire, people trapped in the building may suffer from smoke inhalation. A fire-fighting robot may bring them an emergency supply of air. Each fire-fighting robot would be equipped with at least one oxygen mask, for people who need an emergency supply of air in a fire.

Above: Robot washing machine.

If you don't have a washing machine in your apartment, a robot washing machine may come to your door.

Above: Recycling robot.

Robots may also provide trash collection and recycling services. Collection of trash may be done by large trash-collection robots, while smaller recycling robots will come around to pick up empty bottles and cans for recycling. In the future, you may have more than a dozen different types of robots in the hallways of your apartment building, office building, or school.

Anthony Ratkov, September 20,2012.


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