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Twitter Has a New Look

Updated on July 23, 2019
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Alex has been a photographer since he was in grade school. He has a diploma in digital photography. He thoroughly enjoys various arts.

The symbol of Twitter.
The symbol of Twitter. | Source


Twitter is one of the most used social networking websites. Many of the most famous individuals in the world use it. The website is amazing, and it is one of the places where hashtags appear to be applied the most. Twitter may not be Google yet, but that isn't to state that Twitter is not huge. For a website and as a business; Twitter is a large name. Let's consider that Twitter is still worth over $37.00 per share. In comparison, Pinterest is worth less than $27.00 for every share. Twitter still is no Facebook, but it is a growing and relevant name in the social network industry. That's why when major changes are made to the site, people notice.


As I stated earlier; Twitter has had an internal update. This update is similar in a way to what Myspace did. However, is that update a disaster as it was with Myspace? It;s too early to say with complete certainty. Still, I'd predict that it isn't. What hurt Myspace so much was how slow the site became on some computers after the update. Since the new Twitter isn't slow (and, it actually seems to perform faster and load quicker than the original site), I'd expect that this will help Twitter more than it hurts it. Regardless, what happened to Myspace should never be forgotten in this market.


Reddit made some changes not so long ago that mirror what Twitter has just done and what Myspace did after it had been sold off. The new Reddit site became slower too. But, Reddit did something that was relatively genius; they allowed their users to continue using the old platform of their site if they so wanted. All one needs to do is place "old." before the remainder of the website to view a Reddit page the way it was prior to the update. Moreover, Twitter not doing anything like this is not necessarily bad; the new Twitter is faster, and not slower like the new Myspace and the new Reddit. This is one of the major differences herein.


Google+ is an example of what can happen when change is needed, but nothing is done. Avoiding change can be just as disastrous as unwanted change. Twitter's choice could be the best thing it has done in recent times. That's not to state that Google+ would have remained if they had made desired changes, but it may have kept Google's network alive. Fortunately, the changes made to Twitter are minor at best. This is another area where some sites (like arguably Friendster and Myspace) have failed miserably. I have already stated that I cannot know where Twitter will go from this, but I do suspect that users will enjoy the more contemporary Twitter.

The Changes On Twitter

Overall, there is a general change to the aesthetic of the site. This is not too different, just slightly. Everything that used to be available seems to be available now. This is awesome, because that is another item which killed Myspace. Many businesses lose customers when internal changes are too drastic. As I have already mentioned; the website moves much faster. Quicker loading time is fantastic, especially for a site like Twitter. No one wants a slow site, but owners continue to make updates which slow some websites down. Twitter is being very careful, and very wise. Twitter also shows that making changes to a site doesn't have to slow it down. Now, trends are presented in larger area. Well, honestly almost everything about the new Twitter seems to be larger. This may be one reason that it goes faster; keeping less on the page at a single time. I like it. The feel is nice. There is still present the about 5,000 follow limit. I feel as though follow limits hold social networks back, but I understand that they are trying to keep their sites away from what they perceive of as abuse. And, like I stated; nothing has changed here, so I am not exactly complaining. For the most part, it is the same Twitter that we have always enjoyed. It's just quicker in regards to load time. I personally love the new look. I enjoy the new Twitter as a whole.

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Twitter Going Onward

I don't believe that Twitter should make changes often. Myspace was notorious for this, and look at Myspace now. Look at Friendster for that matter. But, some changes are good in life. If Twitter keeps walking steadily, than they should be fine.

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