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Twitter to the rescue

Updated on November 30, 2009

Twitter to the rescue

‘Follow me on Twitter.’ I see this everywhere. So I do. I go there, and I am relieved to know that so and so is changing the baby’s diapers or tying their shoelaces. How annoying. Some people have nothing better to do but to tell the world about their mundane daily activities. Keep everyone posted up to the minute. To many, Twitter may seem  like a total waste of time. It does not seem so useful to some. But Twitter is fairly new to the social media scene.

Like everything else, Facebook, MySpace, etc., Twitter has found its useful place in business. Twitter enables you to deliver your message once to a great number of people.

Do you want to keep your customers up to date on how your new business is progressing? Tweet them. Do you have a job opening, and you want that certain qualified person to come on board? Or maybe you are looking for a job. Try  tweetajob. Maybe you are caught in a traffic jam, and you will not be able to make it to the meeting on time. commuterfeed will give you up to the minute information that you can use to determine if you will make it to the meeting at all. Maybe you would like some feedback from a customer or business associate on how you can improve your product or service. I guess you could always make a phone call. That is of course if you have the time to call all of your customers and conduct a lengthy poll. Or you can go to strawpoll. You need to get a quick memo to your district and regional managers about a sudden change in scheduling, policies, or prices. Remember the Milk  can help you. Perhaps you would like to increase traffic to your company’s website. You just bought out the entire stock of glow-in-the-dark clothespins, and you know that you have a specific customer base for them. You can send the photos of this wonderful new item that you have posted on Flikr via twittergram. If you are sending or receiving a shipment through FedEx, UPS and DHL, you can track it with TrackThis

You have this deep maternal need to remind your son who is away at college to tie his shoelaces, or you need your daughter to assure you that she has just changed your new grandchild’s diapers…Twitter to the rescue!


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