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Types and Properties of Metals

Updated on October 29, 2009


Metals have more than 70 varieties and each has its own distinct properties that suit a specific use, such as gold, silver, copper, tin, iron, and lead which can be hammered and molded into different shapes and forms.

Two Basic Types of Metals

1.  Ferrous Metals - contain iron

2.  Non-ferrous metals - do not contain iron (Alloy - a mixture of two or more kinds of metals)

Properties of Metals

1.   Malleability - the quality of being hammered and flattened into thin sheets without


2.  Ductility - the ability of metals to be drawn out into fine wires without breaking

3.  Hardness - enables the metal to resist force without changing its shape

4.  Brittleness - the quality of a metal to break easily

5.  Elasticity - enables the metal to return to its original shape after bending and pulling

it out of shape

6.   Fusibility - the characteristic of metal to melt easily and combine with other metals

to make an alloy

7.   Machinability - the extent to which a metal can be shaped, chipped or smoothened

by a machine

8.   Permeability - is the measure of the ease with which magnetic flux can be established

in a material

9.   Luster - is the quality and intensity of light reflected from the surface of materials


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