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Types of Covers and Cases; Used for HTC HD2 Touch Screen Phone

Updated on May 15, 2013

When you buy a new cell phone, it has its own charm and attraction. The spotless finishing and luster are the most beautifully impressive features of a new mobile phone. The owners feel satisfaction to have such a shimmering nugget. But with the passage of time, like everything else, cell phones also fade and lose their value. You can prolong their splendor by using a mobile cover.

There are many types of mobile covers presently available in the market. You can choose one according to your taste. However, while buying a cover, do not just look for its catchy colors and appearance; rather the cover that can effectively protect your cell phone from attrition. Let's take a look at different types of mobile covers and their exclusive benefits.

One of the most widely used covers is the leather mobile cover. This type of covers come in many colors and designs and perform efficiently for almost all kinds of mobiles and particularly the touch screen cell phones. Leather covers consist of multiple layers of abrasion-resistant, shock-absorbing material. They protect the mobile in case it drops or gets hit by any hard object. The cover is easy to install and conveniently adjustable. Although cases for Htc hd2 and iPod best fit their corresponding products. Leather covers are easy to use and allow full access to all the controls. They are soft and comfortable to hold and carry. They have the ability to save your phone from dirt, moist and other oily and greasy effects. Some of them are attachable to the belt.

Another type of covers is the hard mobile case. It is usually made from plastic material, silicon and polycarbonate. Hard mobile covers are very stylish and they are available in a big variety of patterns and attractive colors. They are mostly cheaper than leather covers. Transparent and translucent cases are also available in this category. These sleek, pre-cut cases don't obscure your mobile's attractive look at all. They are custom made covers and fit only the specific cell. These covers can give an altogether new and more personalized look to your cell phone. On the downside, they do not protect the screen; you have to buy a transparent, invisible phone screen protector to protect your cell's screen.

Rubber Htc hd2 cases are yet another choice, you can opt. Rubber covers are available at very cheap rates. They protect your cell phone from dust and dirt. They also come in a variety of colors. You can choose between transparent and translucent variants. Rubber cell covers let you show off your valuable cell phone; however, they don't allow access to the controls as conveniently as that of leather and hard covers.

All of the above mentioned covers have their own specialties but the leather mobile covers are at the top in my opinion. If you have a valuable cell phone like iPod, Blackberry and HTC HD2 then choose leather cover. It offers the best protection and convenience of use. A good, well-made htc hd2 cover has all the bells and whistles to embellish your cell phone.


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