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USB Flash Drive Reviews

Updated on July 25, 2013

USB Flash Drive Reviews

USB Flash Drives are the best way to quickly store and transport smaller amounts of data.

Because these flash-memory-based drives have no moving parts, they are more reliable than hard drives.

Why Use a USB Flash Drive?

  • Synchronize Computers – Allow you to take your work with you.

  • Carry Your Media – Photos, Music and Videos. For easy development many photo labs accept USB drives.

  • Security – USB flash drives can be password protected and/or encrypted.

  • Virtual Applications Platforms – Enjoy your preferences on any computer.

USB flash drives are perfect for people who regularly work on more than one PC and need a reliable way to transport data.

Corsair Flash Survivor - USB Flash Drive Review
Corsair Flash Survivor - USB Flash Drive Review

Corsair Flash Survivor

The Corsair Flash Survivor GT only comes in 8 GB. (Now Discontinued)

With the same durability characteristics and in capacities of 4GB, 8GB, 16GB and 32GB but cheaper, it's available the Corsair Flash Survivor version (at the cost of a smaller transfer speed: 19MB/s read speed; 13MB/s write speed).

At a value of 0.6cent/MB, the 8GB Corsair Flash Survivor is a good alternative to the 2.3cent/MB value of the Corsair Flash Survivor GT.

Corsair Flash Voyager - USB Flash Drive Review
Corsair Flash Voyager - USB Flash Drive Review

Corsair Flash Voyager

The Corsair Flash Voyager is for those who don't need the ultimate indestructibility of the Corsair Flash Survivor, is a step down in speed and durability.

The durable rubber casing gives it a sporty look and is easy to grip.

 USB version  USB 2.0
 Read speed   19MB/s
 Write speed  13MB/s
 OS           Windows Vista,
              Windows XP,
              Windows 2000,
              Windows ME,
              Linux 2.4 or +,
              Mac OS 9 or +.
 Software     Yes
 Encryption   AES 256 bit
 Warranty     Ten-year limited

 · Water-resistant rubber 
 · 2-foot USB extension cable.
 · Lanyard.

Corsair Flash Voyager GT - USB Flash Drive Review
Corsair Flash Voyager GT - USB Flash Drive Review

Corsair Flash Voyager GT

At the same price of the Corsair Flash Voyage 16GB, it's available the GT version, i.e. more transfer speed for the same money (value 0.5cent/MB).

Kingston DataTraveler DT100 - USB Flash Drive Review
Kingston DataTraveler DT100 - USB Flash Drive Review
 USB version  USB 2.0
 Read speed   0.9MB/s
 Write speed  0.7MB/s
 OS           Windows Vista,
              Windows XP,
              Windows 2000,
              Mac OS 10 or +.
 Software     No
 Encryption   No
 Warranty     Five-year limited

Kingston DataTraveler DT100

Kingston's USB Flash Drive line offer high speed data storage at an affordable price.

Kingston DataTraveler 100 series of USB flash drives are sleek and stylish, having a slide out USB port allows the flash drive to be constructed of one finished piece of plastic.

The retractable USB Port is easy to use and makes the device smaller without having the need for a cap.

The Kingston DataTraveler 100 is ideal for storing media and non security vital information, is great for easily transferring files from one system to another at a reasonable speed.

 · Plastic.
 · No. 

U3 Technology. U3 Smart Drives

The U3 technology is capable of storing not only data but also programs and an operating system on an USB Flash Drive.

U3 Smart Drives differ from traditional USB Flash Drives because U3 Launchpad come preinstalled, which looks similar to the Windows OS start menu. U3 technology only works with Microsoft Windows.

U3 Smart Drives can run applications directly from the drive without leaving any trace on the host computer.

U3 Smart Drives are USB Flash Drives with a specific hardware and software setup. The hardware configuration causes Windows disk management to show two drives:

  1. A read-only ISO 9660 volume on an emulated CD-ROM drive with an autorun configuration to execute the U3 LaunchPad.
  2. A standard flash drive with installed applications.


  • Portability
  • Software support
  • Ease of use
  • No need of admin rights
  • Virus protection
  • Data security

While there are muany manufacturers for these USB U3 Smart Drives, not all of these flash memory devices run as quickly or as well.

SanDisk Cruzer Titanium - USB Flash Drive Review
SanDisk Cruzer Titanium - USB Flash Drive Review
 USB version  USB 2.0
 Read speed   15MB/s
 Write speed   9MB/s
 OS           Windows XP,
              Windows 2000.
 Software     Yes
 Warranty     Two-year limited

SanDisk Cruzer Titanium

The Sandisk’s Cruzer Titanium includes a sliding USB connector that retracts into the body. The sliding USB connector eliminates the need for a seperate USB connector cap.

An LED light makes it clear when the drive is plugged in correctly.

Both a pocket-clip and lanyard are included for carrying comfort.

The Cruzer Titanium also comes with Skype and Avast anti-virus U3 software pre-installed.

On the SanDisk website more applications are available for download.

 · Liquidmetal casing.
 · Crush resistant to 2,000 
 · Retractable USB connector.
 · Lanyard. 

Before you purchase a USB Flash Drive, appraise your needs then choose the drive that best fits what you are looking for:

  • Features – Retractable USB connectors, Keychain, Water resistant.
  • Software – Security Programs, Sync Tools, Virtual Applications.
  • Value – More storage for less money.
  • Support – Online documentation.

USB Flash Drive are perfect for gifts and it doesn't matter if the receiver already has one. Since each USB Flash Drive can have its own purpose, doesn't care how many USB Flash Drive one can have.

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      3 years ago

      Superbly ilunailmting data here, thanks!

    • PassinItAlong profile image


      8 years ago

      One way to keep your very important flash drive handy and secure is to have it attached to some sort of lanyard or retractable reel. They come in the size and configuration needed to secure that drive.

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      8 years ago

      Cool hub, mate. Very informative! I've got a similar hub at


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