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USB Typewriter Conversion Kit

Updated on May 9, 2013

USB Typewriter

As somebody who learnt to type on an old-fashioned typewriter, this great new gadget really caught my eye. It's a USB Typewriter to PC Conversion Kit - or you can buy a vintage typewriter already converted. have a huge range of already-converted old and vintage typewriters, fitted with a USB port so they will connect to your PC. This is a great, cool, gadget for the older generation, or for funky trend-setters in offices. As for the tricky Ctrl-Alt-Del key combination, this is even made available as part of the conversion.

By simply buying an old typewriter on ebay, or in a local thrift store or charity shop, you can buy a USB Typewriter Conversion Kit and have this functionality on almost any typewriter you choose. They're happy to discuss individual models with you too.

USB Typewriter - Even Works with iPads and Tablets

The USB Typewriter Conversion Kit works just like any standard USB Keyboard. You don't have to install any special software - and the necessary USB cable is even included with your order. The USB Typewriter Conversion Kit is not only compatible with all desktop and laptop computers, but also the iPad and many other tablets, inlcuding any tablet with "USB Host" or "USB OTG" capabilityand a whole list of regular PCs, tablets and pads. - USB Typewriter Conversion Kits. - USB Typewriter Conversion Kits.

See the USB Typewriter in Action

It Types Onto Paper While You Type

While you are typing on your typewriter, it still functions as a typewriter, so the keys are moving and hitting the inked ribbon! How cool is that? Great for those luddites who simply don't trust a PC's ability to backup files!

Perfect for budding authors who would like to end up with an old fashioned manuscript on their desk and be able to see their novel growing!

Steampunk Typewriter Style

Remember those fascinating antique typewriters? Now you can use these to give your PC the steampunk look and feel. Perfect for creative types, or ultra cool students who want a little bit of "wow" factor in their rooms instead of a soulless plastic keyboard beckoning them to their research and studies!

Bringing old typewriters back into use as a USB keyboard is is a great way to breathe new life into some of the greatest machinery of the past.

USB Typewriter Inventor: Jack Zylkin

Jack Zylkin is one of the founding members of a group in Philadelphia known as Hive76. Jack is a long-timer collector of antique typewriters, electric pianos, oscilloscopes, and other great old machines.

This invention's been borne out of a fascination for old, antique, typewriters - and pushing the limits of modern technology, fusing the two together in a heady mix of early-industrial design, cutting edge communications and a desire to still be an individual.


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    • profile image

      iamaudraleigh 5 years ago

      I am very excited to come across this hub! Voted up ans shared!

    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 5 years ago

      This is a good option, as the keys are comfortable in using. Interesting!