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Updated on April 2, 2012



The Fresnel lens is one of the most creative items that can be used for many different green and renewable projects. The Fresnel lens can be used for cooking, burning, melting and warming. The word of caution must be added to the use of the Fresnel lens because the temperatures can reach 2000 degrees and can cause problems with the eyes if eye protection is not used.

The Fresnel lens is a flat piece of plastic on one side and on the other side, it has grooves, like that of a record or album. The Fresnel lens is clear so that the sun light can pass through it and as it passes through, the grooves bend the light to create a focal point, like a magnifying glass. The focal point of the Fresnel lens can be concentrated to a fine point reaching several thousand degrees or spread out so that cooking can be achieved. The very fine focal point is so hot that it can melt the concrete and rocks in a matter of seconds. Cooking with the Fresnel lens requires some experience and skill, being that the right temperature is needed, a less concentrated focal point must be achieved.

Fresnel lens are common and are sold on the Internet. A Fresnel lens can be picked up locally for a reasonable amount of money. Fresnel lens can be found on the projection TV's at appliance, thrift, and resale stores. These stores are sometimes ready to part with the monsters just to have someone haul them away. A sturdy frame is not required for the lens, but comes in handy for focusing the sun through the lens and for adjusting a cooking stand for the proper temperature. Warning again: These generate very high temperatures. A non-contact thermometer is suggested to get the right temperature and focal point desired.

Fresnel lens also can be used for other purposes like making jewelry, distillation units, wood burning pictures, melting and smelting metals and experiments. The operation of the Fresnel lens is considered very clean, easy and simple to operate and generates enormous amounts of heat without the use of fossil fuel, but uses clean sunshine. This lens could be used for backpacking and camping or even in the jungles. The problems associated with this lens are that it is made of plastic,which is breakable, that if there is no sunshine, it does not work and that it gets scratched very easily.

This Fresnel lens is one of the upcoming renewable energy ideas that is on the table. It can be very useful in cooking if there is no electricity and also could be used to run the Stirling and steam engines.


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    • RTalloni profile image

      RTalloni 2 years ago from the short journey

      Thanks for the introduction to fresnel lenses. It would be interesting to learn more about using them.

    • profile image

      Venu 3 years ago

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