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Uknowkids app: is it considered stalking?

Updated on February 25, 2016

keeping kids safe or being a stalker?

Recently, I was bored at work just randomly looking up different apps and I came across this smart phone app called uknowkids, which is also a website called I found this very creepy in fact once I did further research I realized this app could be placed in two categories either down right creepy or just those overly worried parents.

This app believe it or not allows parents to control their kids phone as if the phone companies controls aren't good enough. This takes things a bit further and more in depth. This app will be able to, track your child's social media websites and you can see who they are communicating with at all times. The app allows parents not only to watch their social media sites but see who they are texting how much they are texting this person or those people, monitor where they are located and much much more. The website has a locator map with a red pin point letting you know where that phone was last seen. If that's not creepy enough it even allows you to control how much your child is using a certain app and is able to kick them off after a certain amount of time.

personal thoughts

This app basically is saying that you don't trust your child. Personally, I feel that children shouldn't have iPhone's or smart phone to begin with they should be playing outside and come home around dinner time like back in the old days. However, the majority of kids go out and socialize more or have many activities that do not involve parents anymore. Either way, what happened to parents always being with their children when they are out with their friends? Have our lives become so important that we have to baby sit our children over a device? Has life gotten so busy that we can't make time to spend a few hours with our children to attend extra curricular activities such as football games or school plays? We really need to think about this. I am not a parent but I understand that life can get busy also but my child would come first and I would be trusting towards my child enough for them not to be talking to weird strangers or predators.

keeping track?

On the homepage below, You can do so much to keep track of your child's life style. To take a further look, you can see what kind of pictures your child and their friends are taking and who posts a photo with their child. You can even see what texts are deleted and how many texts are deleted and sent. How do you guys feel about this? Honestly I get goosebumps just thinking about how much you can keep track.



How do you feel about the app?

How do you feel about the app?

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