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Understanding Social Networks And The Many Benefits Of Social Interaction

Updated on January 28, 2013

Dominating Social Networks

Dominating the Search Engines with Social Media Networks.

Social networking secrets are there to be found and explored through being a part of social networks. Social networks or social media platforms have realized a solid income for those who grasped the use of this type of community based interaction well. these social networks are the most effective platform for spreading value through ideas and everyday interactions in topics and discussions right through to sharing unique content.

With social networks dominating our Internet lives especially in recent years, it seems like everyone and their grandma is online doing something with their Myspace or Facebook account.

Squidoo and Hubpages and other similar content based community sites can both drive a lot of traffic and they both use "do follow" in their links (so long as you don't use too many!), which means you can leverage these sites to drive traffic to your "money site s " much in the same way you would use EzineArticles or other article based directories .

Increase your website traffic using Blogs and social networks together, using "traditional" blogs could be a great resource idea for cross posting either snippets of articles from your money sites, or full independent articles with anchor text links embedded in the article which could therefore point to a particular page on your business or money site.

The best way of thinking is to know that you should not get stuck in a set way of working these links and social media. You can for instance you can work on one site such as Blogger or Wordpress and then link them up to relevant parts of your Squidoo lenses or Hubpages and then link to top "authority sites" in your niche and gain similar or better results .

One of the biggest "secrets" to success with these types of linking tactics, is to actually create multiple pages spread across your entire network for just ONE long-tail keyword phrase. So for example If I was to write about creating the best community based forum, my top long tail keyword for that network could be "online forum software community based discussions" Of course if you was researching that topic you would come up with something that would be more keyword specific and relevant.

The Future Of social media

The future of social media will see lots of new innovations in sharing content, we have already seen the growth of video sharing expand online and also picture sharing throughout networks are getting more and more search engine friendly with the addition of tags that are relevant for traffic from image searches.

Dominating the Search Engines with Social Media Networks may become harder or easier depending upon the state of page ranking now and other online optimization techniques. In other words, there are two parts to the Social media equation: Social media traffic generation and Social media linking.

Social bookmarking can also help with the traffic generation and media linking all in one if the techniques stay the same with SEO and other contributing factors.

The Benefits Of Participating In Social Networks

Whilst the benefits far outweigh the disadvantages of the social media networks, you need to keep an eye on the downsides of social media to be fully aware of the risks that they could create.

For instance spam is a problem that is being tackled more vigorously now than it used to and there are now many spam filters and apacha codes to stop automated software from creating accounts on social networks, but this does not eliminate the human users who abuse community sites like these.

Now the negative part aside, there are a whole load of good and positive benefits to participating in a social network and these include:

  • Increased traffic, especially if you are linking to relevant stuff and are contributing useful value to discussions and sections of community within the network.
  • Authority, people use sites like this to show their expertise in a particular subject or topic and direct people to their main website or blog to deliver their piteches or provide more free useful content that sets you upa as an authority.
  • Partners, joint venturers and just friends and contacts could become vital allies within your social circle, thus promoting you in the process and you of course do the same for good standing.

Other benefits could include a place to find out more information and other ideas for product creation if you were into that sort of thing in the online busines world, plus sharing your content such as videos, photos and blog thoughts all are regular useful viral methods if you build up a huge network of social groupies.

What Other Uses Are There For Social Networks?

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    • laral profile image

      laral 6 years ago from England

      Thank you for this link

    • waynet profile image

      Wayne Tully 6 years ago from Hull City United Kingdom

      I'm now a full time online publisher and writer and artist and Whilst I'm taking a break from this site for the rest of the year for now I have a revenue sharing article site called which you are welcome to sign up to and write some unique content to for free backlinks.

      Cheers now!

    • laral profile image

      laral 6 years ago from England

      Hello your article helps me a lot to understand how to use social media. I am quite new to the entire concept of article marketing and social media. Could you write more about linking? Given your impressive number of hubs are you a full time freelance writer? Or if you do it part-time do you have tips for wannabe writer like me who loves to write but struggle with time?

      Thank you very much