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Universal Natural Logic and Wisdom Automation by personal Voiceprint

Updated on February 18, 2011

My Proposal to INTEL, IBM, Apple, Microsoft, EEEEE and membership

Creating Machines 'in our own image' as we are created in the 'image of life on Eden' and our 'tree of knowledge' is now well beyond the 'flat world' our wise forefathers believed we have been granted by the grace of life under our creator (Alohim/Elohim) and Sharing our written and spoken natural languages and knowledge scan-able and digitization ready for Automatic Comprehension by EchoLogical machines, the next generation of universally intelligent internet and computers and robots which DO listen and respond as any living person, expected to also to first sing along naturally with us and thenafter also laugh with us joking... due to our proposed usciiiiii-code syntexting of echological machines, for universal intercultural comprehension of natural languages and logic by personal voiceprints' conversations in selected languages.

Now, all this new knowhow, is based on taking 1st all natural languages into the "Super Natural Languages' Lexical Standard" proposed for SynTexting EchoLogical Machines - so that computers can answer more then " I Q" or "Jeopardy" type 'search and find string' technologies limitations of ASCII-ascii and English itself, as well as the needed special advanced knowledge of the invention and its trade secrets the GURU has and teaches, privately...


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