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Update Video Card Drivers

Updated on June 21, 2010

Why Update Video Card Drivers?

Video card manufacturers frequently release new drivers for their cards. These drivers provide fixes and adjustments necessary to run new applications. A common reason for needing to update video card drivers is for playing newly released video games. The drivers are updated to provide the best performance in the latest games or graphics intensive programs such as photoshop. Without updating video card drivers you may experience poor performance and possible program failure, which in turn can cause valuable data to be lost. As a busy working professional you may not have time to search and update video card drivers, thankfully there are automatic driver updates.

Manual Video Card Driver Updates


Before being able to update video card drivers automatically, the only solution was to manually update the driver. To update video card drivers manually can be a real hassle; especially on older cards. When you want to update video card drivers manually you will need to know the video card manufacturer, model and version. These can be found on the box if you purchased the card seperately from the computer. Alternately, you can usually find a sticker on the card itself but this requires handling the hardware which I do not recommend unless you are familiar with handling electronic components. Once you have the required information you can visit the manufacturer's website and try to locate the proper drivers. If your card is an older model you may have to visit 3rd party sites to retrieve the driver from an archive. But be careful where you download from as many sites will appear to offer what you need but what you really may end up with is a dangerous virus. Is it worth the risk for the average user to update video card drivers the old fashioned way?

Automatically Update Video Card Drivers


There is a safer and easier way to update video card drivers. With automatic driver update software you can literrally have your driver up to date in as little as a few clicks. No more searching endlessly for the right driver. You don't even have to know what type of hardware is in your system, everything is taken care of for you and you can save your time for more important tasks. Not only will the software update video card drivers; it will update ALL of your systems drivers offering you the most stability and performance out of your system.  As an IT professional, it is my opinion that manual driver updates should be left to the advanced user or professional.  Protect your system and use an automatic driver update to update video card drivers.

>> Update Your Video Card Driver Now <<


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    • pcdriverupdate profile image

      pcdriverupdate 8 years ago from VA

      Hi mcangueiro,

      As long as your laptop is running a supported operating system. The automatic driver update will provide the proper driver for laptop no problem. In the case of manually updating. You will certainly need to be sure you are downloading a mobile version of the video driver. This can be confusing as many desktop video cards have nearly identicle naming schemes.

      I hope it helps.

    • mcangueiro profile image

      mcangueiro 8 years ago from Portugal

      Nice. Can you please give some explanations on how to update on laptops?

      I think you can't just download them, you need to mod the drivers, right?