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Update Windows Video Drivers

Updated on June 21, 2010

Update Windows Video Drivers

Just like your antivirus program, windows video drivers are constantly being updated. These updates may provide additional functionality, improved compatibility, better performance, bug fixes to reduce or remove program crashing or lock-ups. With that in mind, it is a wise decision to update windows video drivers. Unfortunately, most users are not made aware to update windows video drivers with updated drivers. You are probably reading this article because you had a problem and heard or read somewhere that if you update windows video drivers your problem may be resolved. It is quite possible that if you update windows video drivers it may fix the problem. So read on and learn how simple you can update windows video drivers.

Manual Driver Update

First I want to mention how to manually update windows video drivers. While possible, a manual update can be a real time investment and quite a headache. But for those of you who want to stick it out, read on. For the rest who want the fast solution, skip to the next section.

To manually update windows video drivers you will first need some information. Identify your video card manufacturer and model. You can do this in a few ways. If you purchased the video card separate from your computer and still have the box, you should be able to find the manufacturer and model listed on the box.

Don't have the box but you still want to update windows video drivers? The next way to find the model is a bit tougher and could potentially cause damage to your system if you are not careful. This requires opening the computer case and locating the video card inside. For those of you who feel confidant with this step to update windows video drivers, you will need to look for a sticker or imprint on the video card. When located, write down the numbers as you will need these to identify the card. Hopefully the manufacturer was also listed.

Take the information you found and visit the manufacturer website. If the site provides a search feature, try some of the numbers there and see what you come up with. With enough trial and error you should be able to match up your video card and update windows video drivers.

Couldn't find the driver? There is the possibility that the video card is no longer supported and site may not provide drivers to update windows video drivers for your video card. Thankfully there is an alternative, automatic driver update software.

Automatic Driver Update

So you searched high and low for that elusive driver to update windows video drivers. It can be quite frustrating locating drivers these days. Why spend all that time and turn up nothing in the end when there is a better way to update windows video drivers? While automatic driver update software has been around for a while, most people are still unaware of it. This software has had over 10 years to mature and become the #1 source to update windows video drivers as well as your other system drivers. It features a database of over 2 million drivers and growing daily as new drivers become available. You can be sure it will have any and every driver you could ever need. You'll never have to waste another minute searching for drivers when you have this software in your toolbox. Update windows video drivers in just a few clicks. It's so easy a 5 year old could use it. Save your valuable time for better things.

>> Update Windows Video Drivers Now! <<


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    • profile image

      annvans 8 years ago

      Great info! Keep up the good hubs!

    • pcdriverdoctor profile image

      pcdriverdoctor 9 years ago

      Once again. Another great hub!