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Back-up Your Phone Information

Updated on October 14, 2012

Peace of Mind or Lose Your Mind

I never dreamed I would lose every single mailing address. Why would I. I went from a 3g to a 4s. You would think that because you are just updating to a new phone, same software, that you would not have to worry. I was pleasantly surprised when i went to Amazon to purchase a gift and was ready to pull up my contact on my Apple iPhone 4s, only to discover EVERY MAILING ADDRESS WAS GONE FOREVER. Yes, GONE! I quickly went online to see the Apple forum. This seems to be a problem when you update on a new computer, but golly gee, I was transferring contact . Those contacts should have remained in tact. You can't imagine how ANGRY I was when i discovered this. I could see if I got a new mac laptop and cleaned off the hard drive with no back-up, but i have a 3 year old Macbook.

Warned My Husband- Buyer Beware

You know I am seething in anger because I do not have time to hand write each address I lost. So I am emailing people to send me their address and then I will copy/paste it into a excel spreadsheet, then print it for safe keeping, in case of an emergency.

I told my husband what happened and he was mortified. he has 700 hundred mailing address contacts.Can you imagine losing all that data? So do yourself a favor, print out your personal and work contacts.

Time Capsule Back-up

I am no techie person. I manage to get by on what i know of Apple products and I know more than most of the mom's I am friends with, I know more than most women. I am the person who takes care of the Ipods, the Ipads, and etc. I trouble shoot as best as I know how.

My Time capsule doesn't always work. I have no clue why. It would take too many hours to figure things out and I like most do what we can to get by when it comes to tech repair. I did got to the setting and rest the Time capsule.


There is definitely a kink with a the Time Capsule and I cloud. I noticed my phone was not syncing to the cloud. I also noticed I have no choice to change that. This is scary. I have no way of knowing how to trouble shoot. Apple has not figured out a way to bridge the crossover and marry the two.This to me is insane. I want to everything to be stored in the same place and yet I can't, until i go and but a new computer which would set me back another $1000.00. I am maxed out on Snow Leopard. I can not afford the new Lion.

I feel somewhat crippled because of the storage divide. It could be easier to transfer all my info from my laptop to the Icloud. I am thorough frustrated because they market everything to be seamless and it is NOT!

Ask Your Iphone Sales person about transferring contacts

When i purchased my phone. They asked me if I cared about my photos and contacts on my phone. I did not care about photos. I did care about my CONTACTS. So why in the world did they not advise me about syncing and losing mailing addresses? Why would the the phone numbers remain and transfer, but not the mailing addresses? I want an answer to this!

I am dumb founded. No one advises you about anything. They just tell you how great the new phone is. They are clueless when if comes to things that count. No one wants to lose their contact information. Apples needs to train anyone who sells their phones. The phone sells itself! You need to educate your sales people and all persons at Verizon so that consumers like me are not left disgruntled.

Mac Forum

Well it is too late for me. I never imagined in a million years this could happen. Click here to read what i found in Macforum. Good Luck!

"SYNC 4gs and back-up or lose everything!!!"

Unfortunately, I synced and never backed-up, because I thought it would all transfer. It makes sense to me.

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    • thougtforce profile image

      Christina Lornemark 5 years ago from Sweden

      I am so sorry to hear that! It is so time consuming to loose data like that! Thanks for the warning too, it is always best to do a back up, but sometimes I don't either.

      I haven't had any problem at all with contacts or iCloud. I have iPhone 4 and Lion on my mac and all is going well. I have been thinking on buying 4S though, so I will remember what you say when and if I do!