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Updraft Review - The Best WordPress backup and Recovery Plugin

Updated on October 20, 2016

What is Updraftplus?

I have been using Updraftplus for almost a year now. This is best rated WordPress plugin for 2016. This can be used a single way to backup and recovery of your Wordpress blog.

Features of Updraftplus

Lets see now in detail what are the features of Updraftplus:

  • Select your backup schedule - You can choose the automatic or manual schedule. It can be hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly. You also have different option to backup database, plugin, themes, and files.

  • Updraftplus inbuilt storage - Along with a remote storage option, you also have a provision to use Updraftplus vault storage. It is a very reliable way to store data.

Updraftplus provides 1 GB of free data with every package. If you want to buy more space, you can buy it separately.

  • Remote Storage options - You have the option to send backup to remote storage option like Dropbox, Google Drive, FTP, SFTP, Amazon cloud etc. You also have the option to encrypt the data send over to server.

  • Restore your Backup - You can restore your individual components like plugins, database, or themes or you can restore complete blog. You have one click option to recover a particularly dated backup.

  • Customer Support - Updraftplus provides an excellent customer support. It provides web based ticket support for paid customer. For free user, it provides support via video tutorial, Forums and FAQs.

How Much Updraftplus cost?

Updraftplus free version comes with basic features. If you are looking for some extra feature like Microsoft cloud, advanced reporting, database encryption; you have to go for paid. It starts from $70.Dropbox subfolder $10 etc

You can also buy individual package like automatic backup $25,

Here is a complete comparison of free and paid version of Updraftplus

Video Tutorial of Updraftplu


After using Updraftplus for one long year, I am very much happy with this plugin. It is easy to use, reliable, secure and has all the feature you need to take backup of your WordPress blog.

Remember to be a successful blogger, you need to have a strong backup and restore plugin. You work so hard on your blog, you do not want to loose your content.

Remember to take backup regularly at least daily and weekly. Create multilayer backup like remote storage, email, local drive, Amazon etc.

I hope this hub helped you to understand the concept of backing up and recovery of your Wordpress blog. Looking forward to hear the comment from you.


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