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Use GPS Technology to Find Your Lost Dog!

Updated on October 24, 2009
Use GPS technology to find your lost dog!
Use GPS technology to find your lost dog!

If you have a dog, then you are probably all too familiar with the sudden panic and fear that fills your heart when your four-legged friend strays from home! Unfortunately, almost every dog owner, at one point or another, loses their dog. Well, people, the days of driving around town, hanging "lost dog" signs, and knocking on your neighbor's door looking for your pooch are about to be a thing of the past! Introducing (insert drum roll here) dog GPS tracking devices!

Yes, GPS systems are no longer just for men who refuse to ask for driving directions (sorry, that was my attempt at humor)! They are now used to track lost dogs as well (and from what I hear…lost cats too!). Though relatively new (and yes, very expensive) GPS dog tracking collars are becoming quite a popular item, especially among dog owners who have pups that tend to stray.

The Global Pet Finder System
The Global Pet Finder System

The Global Pet Finder GPS Pet Tracker

The Global Pet Finder GPS Pet Tracker is one of the latest and greatest dog GPS tracking systems on the market. This GPS tracking device is equipped with cellular wireless technology which will enable you to keep your paw on your dog at all times. Basically, you program the device with the parameter of your yard (sort of like a virtual fence); if your dog goes beyond the pre-programmed area, you will be notified. "How," you ask? Well, actually, how it works is quite simple. If your dog strays, you will be notified via your cell phone, PDA or personal computer. The device sends constant updates and will also tell you the environmental temperature of the area in which your dog is in (I guess if your dog ends up at the North Pole, the temperature reading will give you a clue as to where he is). The Global Pet Finder GPS Pet Tracker is water resistant and runs on re-chargeable batteries (hopefully, the batteries don't lose their charge before you find your pooch!). The cost of this fabulous dog finder is $350.00!! Oh one other note, if you don't want to wait for the location of your dog to be sent to you, you can actually use something called the "FOUND" Feature. This feature allows you to call for your pet's location on demand.

The RoamEO Dog Tracking System
The RoamEO Dog Tracking System


Another device that will help you find your lost dog is the RoamEO Pet Location System. Just like the Global Pet Finder Unit, RoamEO uses GPS technology. Each RoamEO system consists of a portable, handheld receiver which will display the information that is transmitted from your dog's special GPS enabled collar. The wonderful thing about RoamEO is that it provides a continuous stream of "real-time" information so that you know from which dumpster your dog is eating out of at all times. Ok, that was a little joke, however, the system will tell you of your dog's location in only a matter of seconds. The RoamEO Pup receiver is wonderful because you can track more than one dog at a time! I, for one, find this feature wonderful as I know that if one of my dogs escapes out of the back gate, the other is sure to follow! The RoamEO pet location systems start at $400.00 and go up from there. I'm sure you can find pet supply discount stores on the internet that sell dog GPS tracking systems, so if I were you, I would start with a simple internet search in order to find the best price.

Hopefully, your dog is so well behaved that the thought of buying a dog GPS tracking collar has never even entered your mind. If that's the case, good for you (and your well behaved canine!). Dog GPS systems are relatively new and are only going to get better as time goes on. This technology, designed to ensure that your furry family member makes it home safe and sound, is definitely worth keeping a paw on! Eventually, the prices of dog GPS tracking systems will come down and the technology will become even more advanced! Woof!

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    • profile image

      stelios constantinou 6 years ago

      hi i lost my dog in Cyprus and he have micro how to find my dog?

    • profile image

      Sue 8 years ago

      I wish someone would invent a safe gps tracker that could be inserted into the cat like a microchip.