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Android Mobile Phone Tethering App

Updated on May 24, 2014

Internet Tethering and modem use

Smart phones are very smart indeed. With the right App, on both Android and iPhone OS systems operating systems your smart phone can be used for Internet tethering i.e. as a wireless 3G or 4G modem / Gateway to the web from your laptop (or PC) You will be able to normally surf the net on your laptop through the phones 3G or 4G connection, thus being a little slower than a normal fixed connection.

There may be times when your internet connection at home or your office is temporarily down and connection to the net is very important. Many people nowadays have Smartphones however they are not as efficient as a desktop PC.

How modem tethering works

The best App to use is for Internet tethering is probably PDAnet,I tested this using the HTC. This should be free from the Android store. You will also need to download the software for your PC. It is very straight forward to set up and your Android phone doesn't even need to be hacked or anything.

Once set up your will be able to use the Android as a modem and connect to the Internet as normal, it will connect through 3G/Wifi even VPN. Very useful in a cafe.

Some phone services e.g. Docomo in Japan can detect Internet tethering and may bill you extra on top of any "All you can use" packages so beware. If may be a good idea to check with your phone network, I understand that some allow you to tether for free. Tethering does use a lot of power however since you are connected via USB, your phone is charging at the same time. Some models may heat up a lot.

Recent smart phones actually have tethering functionality built in with the firmware. Some phones can even be used as a HotSpot however this tends to drain the battery at an excessive rate so it is better to plug the charger in at the same time.


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