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User Experience: Samsung Galaxy S 3 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Updated on August 13, 2013
Battle of the Samsung Galaxy - Note 2 vs S3
Battle of the Samsung Galaxy - Note 2 vs S3

It has been really awhile since I am away from HubPages. Glad to be back though! This time around, I will be writing on Technology stuffs as there is where my strength is. So, hope you enjoy this!

When I hear people say "The next big thing is here", I would probably tell them that they are dead wrong. Many times, they looked more puzzled than deciding to believe me. Yes! Samsung had just released not one but two of the best selling smartphone devices which (of course) to beat all time giant, Apple and other competitors such as HTC and Motorola.

Allow me to introduce you both of the devices which are the best selling Samsung devices for 2011 (and hopefully 2012 and 2013), Samsung Galaxy S 3 and Samsung Galaxy Note 2!

Before we continue, head down to see the short video of what both of these devices can offer!

Samsung Galaxy S 3 Official Trailer

Samsung Galaxy S 3 Review

I was lucky to be able to use Samsung Galaxy S 3 for a month and I am pretty impressed with it honestly. If you used Samsung Galaxy S 2 before, S3 is just a flagship which has a little improvement over S2.

In Samsung Galaxy S3, you basically get a little boost of performance and a bigger screen. basically, that's pretty much over S2 and many Android users thought that it is not a worth while investment. Here's what I think of S3.


S3 is pretty an awesome phone. Coming from iOS and Samsung Galaxy S2, S3 still impresses me with the usual standard and worth every penny you spend on it. Personally, with some boost of performance, it could well be worth it if you are not looking for a bigger screen. Another pro I got to mention that (when compared to Note 2), S3 screen has a better resolution and clarify when you really zoom into the details. Clarity wise, S3 is definitely a clear winner here. The size of S3 is also nice for a palm and even one hand 'actions'.


The specs are good but somewhat below par as what most of us tech geek are expecting. In other words, we are actually hoping for a bigger boost and upgrade from the successful S2. One part is that the battery part. We do hope to have a bigger capacity battery but Samsung decided that the current battery is good. Something not very good for extreme and heavy users.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Introduction

Samsung Galaxy Note 2: Hands on review

Before I start, I need to confess that I am serious S2 fan and NEVER a fan of the Note (referring to Note 1). However, the release and purchase of Samsung Galaxy Note 2 was the changing point for me. I bought Note 2 as a present for my fiancee and after playing with it awhile, I was really impressed. Seriously! I was so hooked that I sold my one month old S3 and bought a Note 2!

What makes Note 2 so special? It is not a smartphone and it is not a tablet as well! It is a PHABLET for crying out loud! if you are looking (and hoping) for phone that is smaller than a tablet and bigger than a smartphone, then Samsung Galaxy Note 2 might be your best bet.

In terms of performance, the phablet comes with a whopping 2 GB ram compared to S3 which is packed with a mere 1 GB ram. Screen wise is also bigger which works pretty well and very clear.

And of course, Note 2 comes with the almighty S Pen feature which is very good and impressive. If you love note taking, Note 2 could prove to be your next daily diary. In terms of battery, the battery is huge and can easily last me 25 hours with medium to heavy usage.


Big battery is definitely a plus sign for anybody in this world. Phone is big but not huge, Just nice for a palm. One hand operations is still possible but it could take some practice. Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is one of the best performance Android smartphone (or phablet) in the market now and many are expecting it to be strong in the market for another 12 to 18 months to come. Note 2 is also a 'complete' overhaul of the Note 1 which gives you not only more performance boost but also increased user experience.


The device could be quite big for most people. Portability wise, Note 2 might lose out to S3 and currently, it is a little hard to find a good casing. However, there will be more casing coming out in the near future for the Note 2. if you are not much of a note taker, S Pen feature might be useless for you and it could be well waste if you ask me. In terms of shape, it looks very close to the original Note and for some of us, we are hoping it to be a little bit more curvy at the sides.

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  • point2make profile image

    point2make 5 years ago

    Very informative hub. Thanks for the excellent info. I was planning to buy a Samsung tablet but then I saw the Galaxy note 2 and I find myself torn between the tablet and the note. I had just, recently, decided between a laptop and a tablet and now the note 2 has me second guessing my decision again. I know I need to choose but I want them both. Oh well I guess either no matter which one I choose......I win. Voted this hub up.