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Home Automation is User Friendly At Last!

Updated on December 26, 2017

Home Automation is User Friendly -- Finally!

Do your eyes glaze over when you hear the words “home automation”? If you’re like most people, home automation sounds too complicated – too expensive, and definitely not user friendly – and most definitely not something you can do yourself.

Years past, smart homes were limited to high-priced new construction. Or to technically-minded tinkerers and home techno-aficionados.

Times have changed! Home automation products are now available that are inexpensive, reliable, user-friendly, modular, and you can install them yourself.

Here’s the clincher: you can now control your automaton tasks via your computer or Smartphone – even if you’re halfway around the world.


Try Home Lighting Remote Control with your Smartphone

Let’s say you’re returning home from vacation. Before you left home you turned out all your home lights to save energy. You’ll arrive home after dark. You relax because you have lighting control using your.Insteon Starter Kit -- light dimming.

You grab your Smartphone and dial up your home automation Hub. With a few keystrokes, you instruct your Hub to turn on the porch lamp and a table lamp in the living room.

Walla! You return to a lighted, welcoming home.

How an INSTEON Starter Home Automation System Works

Installation, setup, and operation of this starter lighting control system is simple using new INSTEON home automation products in this SmartLinc INSTEON Plug-In Starter Kit.

If you’re like many people you already have high-speed internet service with a modem and router. Connect your existing router tothe central HUB controller, and plug the controller into a wall outlet near your router.


Plug your porch lamp into an INSTEON lamp control dimmer module, and plug the module into a wall outlet. Do the same for a living room lamp.

At your command the INSTEON Hub sends lamp control signals over your existing powerline wiring and over a designated radio frequency. This combination of powerline and radio signals makes INSTEON home networking technology robust and reliable.

Expand Your INSTEON Home Automation System When You are Ready

The beauty of the modular approach to home automation is that you save money. You choose the tasks you want to automate when you are ready. Once you have established your starter lamp-control-by-Smartphone set-up, you can easily add other tasks.

You could, for instance, replace your old thermostat with a smart programmable thermostat that you can control with your Smartphone. You can control garden lights, watering and fountains. You can set up an automated home theater.

Now is the Time to Automate Your Home

Take a fresh look at automating your house. If you don’t, you may be missing out on lifestyle-enriching automation applications that make your home safer, more convenient, more energy-efficient, and more fun.

Have You Considered Home Automation?

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