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Using Basic HTML With Hubpages

Updated on December 11, 2010

Using Basic HTML Can Make Your Hub More Appealing

What I find so enjoyable about using Hubpages to increase my earnings with Google Adsense is Hubpages makes it so easy to create live/clickable links within each Capsule. I'm not an HTML pro but I do use a very basic HTML code to enhance my hubs appearance.

When you decide to create a new hub and you click on edit capsule then the capsule opens up so you can submit your text. You then start to type your text. I feel most of the time Hubbers are are here at hubpages to write about their favorite topic which usually points to some Domain Name. Well, instead of simply typing the Domain Name for people to copy and paste into their address bar, make the Domain Name into a live/clickable link. Here is an example:

I have my own Blog which is freewriterevenuestreams. Having a Blog of your own is great but when I promote it within Hubpages I make the link live/clickable and this is what I do to make it that way. On the top left of your capsule when your in "edit" tick on HTML which is right next to the scissor. You will then type:

<a href="">FreeWriteRevenueStreams</a>

The live link is then created as you can see below.


You don't necessarily need a Blog in order to use this basic HTML code. You can use any address on the web that starts with http:// Here is another example for you and I will use one of my Hubs Web Address.

<a href="">Organizers-Increase-Closet-Space-Easily</a>


Do you see the "Live Link" above. Because I typed in the "HTML Section"<a href="">Organizers-Increase-Closet-Space-Easily</a> I created a "Live Link" to my Hubs Web Address.

I hope my instructions above are easy to understand. I'm sure you will have fun creating live links within your hubs.


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    • samsons1 profile image

      Sam 7 years ago from Tennessee

      voted up & useful! I believe I can do that-- thanks so much, I've bookmarked for reference if I need to return, probably will...