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Review: Using Empire Kred Website to Leverage Your Social Media Presence

Updated on October 4, 2015

Empire Kred Review

Empire Kred review
Empire Kred review

Empire Kred Logo

Empire Kred Logo
Empire Kred Logo

About the Empire Kred Website

Empire Kred is a website that utilizes your social media presence to further expand your social media "kingdom" and presence by buying and selling stock in other people listed on the Empire Kred website.

Anybody can buy your stock with their virtual currency, and you can buy stock in others.

Virtual Currency in Empire Kred

The virtual currency used to buy and sell stock in others is called "Empire Avenue eaves". You cannot cash out or withdraw eaves, but you can buy eaves if you so desire.

There is even a commission fee on buying and selling, which is 5% on each transaction.

Missions on Empire Kred

In addition to the virtual currency on Empire Kred, there is a section for missions.

You can create a mission, or you can do a mission. Upon completion of a mission, the user is awarded a designated amount that is stated upfront on the mission page. You can create a mission, which is generally "visit this website" or "visit my social media page" to gain online exposure.

Some missions have an entry fee that require the user to own a specified amount of stock in the mission creator before the user can perform that mission. Not all missions have a "buy in," but some do.

For all Intents and Purposes of Reviewing Empire Kred

This all may sound complicated to the new user. In all honesty, the currency and commission fees, and wealth aspects of this website do not matter much to me (as I have only tested out the website for less than two weeks). However, I feel that at this point I know enough to write a review on it.

What motivated me to visit Empire Kred in the first place?

I was reading tips and suggestions from a prominent and successful Hubpages writer, and one of her suggestions was to use your social media presence in your strategy to build up your external links. Curiosity got the best of me, and I decided to investigate Empire Kred for myself.

I have not been paid to write a review on Empire Kred, and I am being as unbiased as possible in this review.

Empire Kred Introductory Claims

Empire Kred welcome screen
Empire Kred welcome screen
Empire Kred welcome screen
Empire Kred welcome screen
Empire Kred welcome screen
Empire Kred welcome screen
Empire Kred welcome screen
Empire Kred welcome screen
Empire Kred welcome screen
Empire Kred welcome screen

Tips to Improve Your Kred Score

Observations about Empire Kred

I believe the Empire Kred is somewhat of a popularity contest. You could put your life story on there, but a high quality picture of yourself goes a long way, especially if you are an attractive person. I bet that many people probably even use a fake profile picture in order to do better.

With this in mind, your Empire Kred profile is linked to your social media accounts, so there is a good chance that you would also get caught using a "catfish" photo if you have real photos of yourself on your social media.

Mission Fail

In addition to the potential of faking a profile photo, missions are easy to just click the link and go to the URL, but not stay or even look at the content. For this reason, I say that it is easy to not really get the exposure that you are promised. I think the Empire Kred should have a timer and you have to stay on the URL page for a certain amount of time to actually get the reward.

To Increase Your Popularity and Exposure

If you decide you want to use Empire Kred and utilize it as a tool to increase exposure, there are ways to increase your popularity on Empire Kred, and you can get tips from @EmpireKredWiki on Twitter.

Empire Kred Wiki

Empire Kred Wiki
Empire Kred Wiki

Final Thoughts on Empire Kred

I am still a member of Empire Kred, but to be honest, I haven't seen the numbers (in my analytics) that convince me to stick with it.

I created a mission, and only 1 person completed it.

My "stock price" has steadily increased since I have been a member, but that means very little to me.


Empire Kred is not a surefire way to increase exposure or popularity. It could bring a few more people to your content. But your time is valuable, and I believe that time is better spent creating new articles or content rather than managing an Empire Kred account in a virtual currency and virtual stock market of people.

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© 2015 Zack Love


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