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Using Evernote For Songwriting

Updated on October 30, 2014
Evernote, note taking software, is a songwriters dream tool.
Evernote, note taking software, is a songwriters dream tool. | Source

Songwriting Friend

Many times, we have a laptop, tablet or cell phone closer to ones person, opposed to a pad of paper and a hand recorder, when inspiration strikes. When you have a lyric, melody or a whole song stuck in your head, you need a place to put it. QUICK!

Evernote is the perfect place for this.

When Inspiration Strikes!

Guitar, voice and "your little helper" Evernote.
Guitar, voice and "your little helper" Evernote. | Source

Workflow Examples

Say you are walking down the street and you start humming a tune. "That sounds alright!"

Take out your smart phone, start Evernote and open a new voice note. Record what was on your mind then when you have a second to catch up, sit down and try to figure out what you recorded.

You can do this on the cell phone, laptop or maybe a tablet. All your Evernote information is synced to your account. Once you have it, YOU HAVE IT!

Workflow Example #2

You have been sitting with you guitar working up a verse for a 1/2 hour and now, every time you play it, something changes.

Record a performance of what you have on Evernote then type the lyrics that you worked out in the same note. Now, when you "sleep on it' you will know where you were before.

The Music In Your Head

You never know when inspiration will strike. Evernote is a great aid in the fight against "I had it, then forgot it" blues.

Use it to write lyrics, hum melodies and gather inspirations. Soon enough, you visions will be clear and the music in your head will be realized!

Extra Bonus Stuff!

Where Do You Find Inspiration?

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